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n. pl. bor·de·reaux (-rō′)
A detailed memorandum, especially one that lists documents or accounts.

[French, probably from bord, edge, margin, from Old French bort, of Germanic origin.]
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(ˌbɔːdəˈrəʊ; French bɔrdəro)
n, pl -reaux (-ˈrəʊ; -ˈrəʊz; French -ro)
(Insurance) a memorandum or invoice prepared for a company by an underwriter, containing a list of reinsured risks
[C20: from French]
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(ˌbɔr dəˈroʊ)

n., pl. -reaux (-ˈroʊz)
a detailed memorandum, esp. one in which documents are listed.
[1895–1900; < French]
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En effet, le fonctionnaire charg[euro]u[c] du recouvrement re[euro]uA*oit, sous bordereaux [euro]u[c]manant du service dae1/4aoapplication des peines, les extraits des ordonnances p[euro]u[c]nales, jugements et arr[euro]uo"ts d[euro]u[c]finitifs aux fins de recouvrement.
Except for large loss notifications, most premium and loss data is reported using bordereaux spreadsheets.
It reviewed our agency production and we negotiated a Bordereaux (a rollover) that provided guaranteed renewal for three years of the entire book of business, enhanced profit sharing, and--the icing on the cake--a 5% bonus for three years on retention of the business rolled over.
Les services de securite yemenites ont trouve son numero de telephone portable sur les bordereaux des colis, a-t-il ajoute.
Errors-and-omissions clauses arose in reinsurance as a way to rectify clerical errors in lengthy bordereaux. But in today's adversarial environment, what exactly does an E&O clause excuse?
Rather than underwrite facultative reinsurance on a risk-by-risk, certificate basis, Graham Watson entered into master facultative certificates under which cedents could cede business automatically to New England Re merely by delivering bordereaux to Graham Watson, which then had the ability to analyze the risks after they had been ceded.
Be atuned to hints of trouble - slow payment of claims, mistakes on bordereaux (written reports of individual cessions), excuses of "computer glitches." At the first sign of these problems, follow up.
Les autorites yemenites avaient annonce samedi soir avoir arrete une femme "suspectee d'avoir envoye des bombes dans des colis" et dont le numero de telephone portable figurait sur les bordereaux des paquets.