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Noun1.borderline intelligence - the minimal IQ required for someone to function normally and independently in the world (without some form of institutional assistance)
I.Q., intelligence quotient, IQ - a measure of a person's intelligence as indicated by an intelligence test; the ratio of a person's mental age to their chronological age (multiplied by 100)
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Siswick was assessed to be of borderline intelligence but her mental age was assessed as that of an 11-year-old.
Borderline intelligence function (BIF) and specific learning disorder (SLD) are common diagnoses in children who are brought up for this reason.
IQ assessment showed borderline intelligence. Complete blood count, serum biochemistry, urinalysis were normal.
A validity study reported in the WAIS-IV: Technical and interpretive manual (Wechsler, 2008b) indicates that when both the WAIS-IV and WAIS-III (Wechsler, 1997) were administered to the same individuals, DS-C and CD subtest scores were highly correlated regardless of whether the examinees were healthy controls (n = 240; r = .85), persons with borderline intelligence (n = 24; r = .62), or individuals with mild intellectual disability (n = 25; r = .87).
Borderline intelligence or "slow learners" have an IQ level ranging between 71 and 84.
rt Taylor's counsel, Shahid Latif, said his client had " borderline intelligence".
On psychiatric evaluation, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), specific learning difficulty and borderline intelligence level (IQ:72) were diagnosed.
Results: Regression analysis showed that mother's illiteracy (Adjusted OR=2.7, 95% CI, 1.6-4.2, p=0.001), familial history of mental retardation (AOR=2.1, 95% CI, 1.4-3.5, p=0.002) and maternal drug consumption during pregnancy (AOR=1.7, 95% CI, 1.1-2.5, p=0.003) were the main adjusted risk factors associated with borderline intelligence in childhood.
The behavioral phenotype includes intellectual abilities ranging from borderline intelligence to moderate intellectual disability, poor communication skills and a high frequency of psychiatric disorders with psychotic and affective symptoms developing in adolescence or early adulthood.
A man of "borderline intelligence" had more than 1,000 indecent images of children in his home, Teesside Crown Court heard.

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