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Noun1.bore-hole - a hole or passage made by a drillbore-hole - a hole or passage made by a drill; usually made for exploratory purposes
mining, excavation - the act of extracting ores or coal etc from the earth
excavation - a hole in the ground made by excavating
shot hole - drill hole for a charge of an explosive
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Typical installation costs were $8-$6/ft bore-hole (Dillan Drilling Co, 2010).
Officials have described the bore-hole, which is just 8 centimeters wide, as an "umbilical cord" for the miners.
He said engineers would coat the sides of the bore-hole and hoped to be able to start sending food and supplies down it on Monday morning.
The measuring profile was situated in the vicinity of the only one bore-hole in the studied area.
PPI says, while directional drilling itself is not a new concept, specific considerations such as pullback force capability, collapse resistance and long-term performance of the PE pipe once it is installed in the bore-hole are explained.
Coca-Cola has suggested replenishing the spring by directing water back through another bore-hole.
``To test the geothermal energy potential, a bore-hole of up to 125 metres will be drilled, into and out of which water will be piped.