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A binary compound of boron with a more electropositive element.
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(Elements & Compounds) a compound in which boron is the most electronegative element, esp a compound of boron and a metal
[C19: from bor(on) + -ide]
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(ˈbɔr aɪd, ˈboʊr-)

a compound consisting of two elements of which boron is the more electronegative one.
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From previous studies, most of the research work was focused on carbon materials and silica particles, but the studies on the addition of boride into CE resins have still not been conducted adequately.
Then they analyze elastomer-based composite materials comprising hybrid fillers obtained by different techniques, pyrolysis carbon black, carbon nanostructures, modified activated carbons, ferrites, carbide and boride ceramics, and calcined kaolin.
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Furman Boride, vice president of Charleston, S.C.-based Charles Ingram Lumber Company, wrote that January 2017 was the last month that Ingram received all of the cars ordered from CSX.
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In metastable solid solutions [[alpha]"([alpha]')+[alpha]+[beta] and [alpha]'], which obtained in the VT3-1 titanium alloy as a result of heat treatment, the boron diffusion is carried out at high speed, and sometimes there is no possibility to achieve critical concentration necessary for the boride zone formation in the sample's surface layer.