borrowed time

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bor·rowed time

(bŏr′ōd, bôr′-)
A period of uncertainty during which the inevitable consequences of a current situation are postponed or avoided. Often used with on: terminally ill patients living on borrowed time.

bor′rowed time′

time during which death or another inevitable event is postponed: to live on borrowed time.
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('Job Well Done'), Renato Canlas ('Engkargado'), Emmanuel Silva ('Borrowed Time'), Joie Pabilando ('On The Way To Mom'), and Julian Eymard Paguiligan ('Outside').
And another politician last night claimed the entire FAI board is "existing on borrowed time".
Swann said: "I was on borrowed time, unless I learnt to fly or something."
Fans lived on borrowed time and borrowed money, arriving in Lisbon with a fistful of escudos and a heartful of hope.
The former Arsenal forward believes Mourinho is living on 'borrowed time' at Old Trafford and suggests the Portuguese will be unable to turn around the fortunes of the club.
Summary: At the halfway point of the season, is the coach living on borrowed time?
But now the 64-year-old is living on borrowed time.
There's also more pressure on Ravi's part this season to find the zombie cure as soon as possible, because his good friend Major (Robert Buckley) is living on borrowed time with an older version of the zombie cure in his veins that will eventually cause his death.
The studio said the first project, On Borrowed Time, described as a feel-good comedy, will begin shooting this weekend.
"To an extent we were always on borrowed time with him injury-wise so it was tremendous he managed to achieve what he did.
Ramsey (right), like every boss relegated from the Premier League, was going to be on borrowed time if the Hoops weren't in the top six.
London, United Kingdom-- The United Kingdom is "living on borrowed time" if the British government fails to listen to Scottish voters, Scottish nationalist leader Nicola Sturgeon said on Friday, the first anniversary of a historic independence referendum.