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1. Poorly crystallized diamonds used for industrial cutting and abrasion.
2. A carbonado.

[Probably from Dutch boort, tiny waste diamond pieces produced in the gem cutting process, bort , probably from Old French bourt, bastard, from Late Latin burdus, hinny, probably of Celtic origin; akin to Burdō and Burdōnus, ancient Celtic masculine personal names derived from a word for a donkey or mule, animals admired for their robustness.]

bort′y adj.


(bɔːt) or




(Elements & Compounds) an inferior grade of diamond used for cutting and drilling or, in powdered form, as an industrial abrasive
[Old English gebrot fragment; related to Old Norse brot piece, Old High German broz bud]
ˈborty adj



low-quality diamond, in granular aggregate or small fragments, valuable only in crushed or powdered form as an abrasive.
[1615–25; appar. metathetic variant of *brot (Old English gebrot fragment)]
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Bortz presents readers with an in-depth examination of the risks generated by capital flows and their potential impact in limiting the effectiveness of progressive economic policy and regulation on economic inequality on a global scale.
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Goodman's pedigreed training and extensive clinical experience as an interventional cardiologist has given him a unique insight into the need for preventative medical practice which led him to becoming an expert in the role of magnesium in supporting health and vitality," said Jonathan Bortz, MD, chairman of the Albion scientific advisory board.
Chris Bortz has seen the cost of gasoline for his car drop by almost half since June.
with colleagues at the Cooper Aerobics Clinic in Dallas, and geriatrician Walter Bortz II, that have analyzed huge numbers of available statistics on aging and death and now assess potential longevity directly in terms of exercise years.
Genetically modified food has nothing to do with food grown in "poison," as Bortz put it.
In addition, Boyd served as a business owner of Bortz Farm Store in LaPorte, Indiana.
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Vice president Scott Davidovic represented the seller and vice president Janet Bortz represented the purchaser.