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A variety of pear having a long neck, greenish-yellow skin overlaid with reddish-brown color, and juicy sweet flesh.

[After Louis Augustin Guillaume Bosc (1759-1828), Belgian horticulturist.]
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Noun1.Bosc - greenish-yellow pearbosc - greenish-yellow pear      
pear - sweet juicy gritty-textured fruit available in many varieties
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Bosc is the club's most prolific scorer with 1,173 points from 221 Super League appearances - he is also the only Catalans man to reach the 1,000 mark - but he has been sidelined since May with a severe back injury.
The estimates for leading varieties include 8.9 million standard boxes for Green Anjou, about 51 percent of total Northwest fresh pear crop, 4.4 million standard boxes of Bartlett (25 percent of the total crop) and 2.2 million Bosc respectively (13 percent of the total crop.) Red Anjou will represent 6 percent of the crop with a potential 1.1 million standard boxes.
Bosc is a pear with dense flesh and a nutty, spicy flavor.
But four minutes later, the Catalans extended their lead, when Bosc's attacking kick looked to be harmless enough as Corey Thompson seemed sure to collect the ball on his own line.
In the second half smart work from Tony Gigot and Elliott Whitehead allowed Bosc to grab his second in the corner, before Inu completed his double with another athletic take.
CATALANS: Tries: Bosc, Gigot, Mounis; Goals: Dureau 4 HULL: Tries: Rankin, Minichiello; Goals: Sneyd 3
Pears dollar share by sub-category 52 weeks ended 8/30/14 Bartlett 39.1% Anjou 28.6% Bosc 16.6% Asian 5.2% All other red pears 2.7% Red Anjou 2.4% Packham 2.0% All other 4.3% Note: Table made from pie chart.
But Dragons' Ben Pomeroy scored a crucial try which Bosc goalled.
"Keva obviously saw it move quickly and Bosc Monitors are used to catching food in the wild so he stretched up and grabbed it.
Sous sa direction, l'ensemble [beaucoup moins que]Les delices de Suzy[beaucoup plus grand que], a interprete des oeuvres de Darlay, Lebert, Bosc et Alton et Lanvin.