bossa nova

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bos·sa no·va

 (bŏs′ə nō′və, bô′sə)
1. A style of popular Brazilian music derived from the samba but with more melodic and harmonic complexity and less emphasis on percussion.
2. A lively Brazilian dance that is similar to the samba.

[Portuguese : bossa, trend + nova, new.]

bossa nova

(ˈbɒsə ˈnəʊvə)
1. (Dancing) a dance similar to the samba, originating in Brazil
2. (Pop Music) a piece of music composed for or in the rhythm of this dance
[C20: Portuguese, literally: new voice]

bos•sa no•va

(ˈbɒs ə ˈnoʊ və, ˈbɔ sə)
n., pl. bossa no•vas.
1. jazz-influenced music of Brazilian origin, rhythmically related to the samba.
2. a dance performed to this music.
[1960–65; < Portuguese: literally, new tendency, leaning]

bossa nova

nBossa Nova m
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Fusion band Imbue are gearing up to bring Arabic lyrics and jazz, Bossa Nova and Latin melodies to The Fridge for a gig on May 2.
Swing and sway to bossa nova tunes when Sitti takes the stage with her distinctive voice.
24 March 2015 - US-based real estate brokerage Sotheby's International Realty Affiliates LLC has added Imobiliaria Bossa Nova in Brazil, the company said on Tuesday.
A longtime promoter of underground dance parties, Barclay worked for more than a year to open Bossa Nova "legit," lining up money with investors and navigating a thicket of permits.
Sinatra's 1967 recording with Antonio Carlos Jobim "created a bossa nova out of it," she said
Cafe Bossa Nova in Hillcrest falls into the latter category, fortunately.
This set is devoted to her love songs, with the likes of fan favourite Small Blue Thing, hit single Marlene On The Wall, and bossa nova Caramel all re-interpreted.
The influence on the Bossa Nova of the blues, 1955-1964
Se o jazz dos anos 1950 foi outra influencia incontornavel da bossa nova de Tom e Joao Gilberto, tambem seu sofisticado estilo muito deve aos impressionistas franceses.
Candolim (Goa), Nov 14 (ANI): Celebrated fashion designer Wendell Rodricks exhibited his superb collection of whites, Bossa Nova (new trend) and the Cubist here on Friday.
A proposito, el tema que sirve de titulo al disco fue grabado originalmente por Gilberto en el Lado B del historico 78 RPM que tambien incluyo (en el otro lado) a Chega de Saudade, notificando asi el surgimiento de la revolucion carioca de la bossa nova.
Totally in love with Brazilian music, Manu sings mostly Bossa Nova and jazz in France, Europe and Brazil.