bossa nova

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bos·sa no·va

 (bŏs′ə nō′və, bô′sə)
1. A style of popular Brazilian music derived from the samba but with more melodic and harmonic complexity and less emphasis on percussion.
2. A lively Brazilian dance that is similar to the samba.

[Portuguese : bossa, trend + nova, new.]

bossa nova

(ˈbɒsə ˈnəʊvə)
1. (Dancing) a dance similar to the samba, originating in Brazil
2. (Pop Music) a piece of music composed for or in the rhythm of this dance
[C20: Portuguese, literally: new voice]

bos•sa no•va

(ˈbɒs ə ˈnoʊ və, ˈbɔ sə)
n., pl. bossa no•vas.
1. jazz-influenced music of Brazilian origin, rhythmically related to the samba.
2. a dance performed to this music.
[1960–65; < Portuguese: literally, new tendency, leaning]

bossa nova

nBossa Nova m
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Drawing on Latin American harmonies, rhythms and popular music, Norton creates 2-4 page light jazz sambas, beguines, bossa novas, rumbas and a mambo.
Jobim also wrote bossa novas with other lyricists, including Newton Mendoca, with whom he authored Desafinado (Out of Tune), Samba de urna Nota So (One Note Samba) and Meditacao (Meditation).
While it is true that there have not been many new compositions subsequently penned within that genre, many artists are still playing bossa novas and the audiences are still clamoring for them.
Indeed, you can blame the bossa nova for the revolution it caused in the music scene in Brazil and in the rest of the world.
It is among the country's cool pianists that we find the precursors of the bossa nova.
As with most musical genres, it is very difficult to establish when bossa nova was born.
The bossa nova was born among the middle and upper classes in Rio de Janeiro.
How he got from Bach and Mozart to the music of Jobim, bossa novas and sambas is a reflection of Ma's passion for learning.
The bossa novas of Gilberto and Jobim deliberately smoothed out the samba beat to an understated, sensuous glide.
To this day samba and bossa nova remain potent musical forces in both the United States and Brazil.
I used to say that reggae is the bossa nova of rock and roll.
In 1996, he toured Brazil with his trio for the first time, performing for the people whose music had so influenced him, This recording completes Pizzarelli's Brazilian love affair with a repertoire of 13 classic bossa novas, including One Note Samba, The Girl from Ipanema, Desafinado, Aquelas Coisas Todas, and Aguas De Marco, among others, Joining Pizzarelli on this Brazilian odyssey are Ray Kennedy (piano), Martin Pizzarelli (bass), Harry Allen (saxophone), and Jim Saporito (percussion), plus Brazilian musicians Paulinho Brags (drums), Daniel Jobim (Portuguese vocals), and Cesar Camargo Mariano (piano).