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boss·y 1

 (bô′sē, bŏs′ē)
adj. boss·i·er, boss·i·est
Given to ordering others around; domineering.

boss′i·ly adv.
boss′i·ness n.

boss·y 2

 (bô′sē, bŏs′ē)
Decorated with raised ornaments.

boss·y 3

 (bô′sē, bŏs′ē)
n. pl. boss·ies Informal
A cow or calf.

[From boss.]
تأمُّـر، تسلُّط


[ˈbɒsɪnɪs] Ncarácter m mandón, tiranía f


[ˈbɒsinɪs] nautoritarisme m


nHerrschsucht f, → herrische Art


(bos) noun
the master or manager. the boss of the factory.
(usually with about/around) to order. Stop bossing everyone about!
ˈbossy adjective
liking to order others about.
ˈbossily adverb
ˈbossiness noun
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It's nothing too serious - mean words, bossiness, ganging up on certain children and not playing nicely.
And there's the bossiness; she pushes him around, knocks him out of the way and steals toys from him, although it's ridiculous to think all women boss men around and take things from them.
The government would facilitate visas to ease doing bossiness in the province, he added.
The government would facilitate visas to ease doing bossiness in the province," CM Mahmood said.Welcoming the Iranian offer for investment in different sectors, exchange of trade and commerce, culture, tourism and student and media delegations, the chief minister said that his government would go all out for enhanced engagement with the Iranian government.
Unfortunately, this reflects more negativelyon a woman than a man,as it is seen more as 'bossiness' when coming from a woman.
What's often seen as "initiative" and "boldness" in men often is described as "bossiness" and "aggression" in female professionals like us.
People all over Pakistan who are being deprived of electricity in this summer are extremely frustrated because it has affected their homes and the bossiness.
In another meeting with the Naeem Y Zamindar, Chairman of Pakistan Japan Bossiness Cooperation Committee Teruo Asada, and Chairman of Marubeni Corporation stressed the importance of continuing high-level engagement between the governments and businesses of the two countries and discussed the scheduling of the next round of Joint Government Business Dialogue later this year.
Stoke's Charlie Adam has been mooted as a possible target and could certainly offer the kind of bossiness, control, tenacity and experience the Bluebirds need.
Hanks quickly breaks down her definition of "assertiveness." It isn't bossiness, and it isn't trampling on other people, either.