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boss 1

(bôs, bŏs)
a. An employer or supervisor.
b. One who makes decisions or exercises authority.
2. A professional politician who controls a party or a political machine.
tr.v. bossed, boss·ing, boss·es
To give orders to, especially in an arrogant or domineering manner: bossing us around.
adj. Slang
First-rate; topnotch.

[Dutch baas, master (from earlier, uncle); akin to Old High German basa, aunt.]

boss 2

 (bôs, bŏs)
1. A circular protuberance or knoblike swelling, as on the horns of certain animals.
2. A raised area used as ornamentation.
3. Architecture A raised ornament, such as one at the intersection of the ribs in a vaulted roof.
a. An enlarged part of a shaft to which another shaft is coupled or to which a wheel or gear is keyed.
b. A hub, especially of a propeller.
tr.v. bossed, boss·ing, boss·es
To emboss.

[Middle English boce, from Old French.]

boss 3

 (bôs, bŏs)
A cow or calf.

[Akin to English dialectal (southwest England) buss, boss, young calf and probably also to busk, calf remaining unweaned for too long, of unknown origin.]


(Civil Engineering) civil engineering the act of shaping malleable metal, such as lead cladding, with mallets to fit a surface