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Variant of boatswain.


(Nautical Terms) nautical a variant spelling of boatswain


or bo's'n

(ˈboʊ sən)

a warrant officer on a warship, or a petty officer on a merchant vessel, in charge of rigging, anchors, cables, etc.
[1400–50; late Middle English boteswayn; see boat, swain]
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Noun1.bosun - a petty officer on a merchant ship who controls the work of other seamenbosun - a petty officer on a merchant ship who controls the work of other seamen
Jack-tar, mariner, old salt, sea dog, seafarer, seaman, gob, Jack, tar - a man who serves as a sailor
كَبيرُ مَلاحي السَّفينَه


[ˈbəʊsən ˈbəʊsən] nmaître m d'équipage



(ˈbəusn) noun
an officer who looks after a ship's boats, ropes, sails etc.
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The history of Asiance began in 2004, when French IT expert Olivier Mouroux and South Korean marketing expert Bosun Kim decided to unite their talents to seize the opportunities of a steadily growing Asian online market.
Going through the church service like today is very hard for me, as I think of those who died on my ship saving us, particularly the mate and bosun who were lost when the second torpedo hit, having launched the life boat which saved us.
But contestants became suspicious when Tory MP Sheryll Murray's cat Bosun clawed in 30,000 votes in just seven hours - or 70 a minute.
IS Peter Higgs, who predicted the Higgs Bosun, often alluded to as the "God particle", the North-East's second Nobel Prize winner?
Among Chinese enterprises, Kingdream, Monte-Bianco and Bosun Tools have gained remarkable scale.
The most experienced member of the field, and arguably the biggest threat, is Bosun Breese, who is having his 55th run.
The discretionary penalty was imposed after team bosun Simon Hiscocks cleaned the port side of the keel after being authorised to lift the boat out of the water to inspect some damage.
Colwyn Bay Sailing Club bosun Colin Brown, 61, was asleep in his car in the locked compound.
Winter in Fireland: A Patagonian Sailing Adventure recounts the sailing journey of author Nicholas Coghlan and his wife Jenny aboard their 27 foot sailboat, Bosun Bird, from Cape Townthrough the winter waters of the Beagle Channel and the Strait of Magellan, dancing along edges of Tierra del Fuego (Fireland).
This Nobel Prize,"the captain said, nailing a gold medal, a commendation and 10 million Swedish kronor to the ship's mast, "I shall share with the first man to catch sight of the bosun.
It was Bosun who actually directed the group, singing the Juju or folk tunes with high quality percussion, topped by eloquent talking drums.
At right, Bosun Patrick Hennessy (left) and Ordinary Seaman Patrick Neumann get set to send the turtle off into the Pacific, where it swam away.