bosun's chair

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Noun1.bosun's chair - a seat consisting of a board and a ropebosun's chair - a seat consisting of a board and a rope; used while working aloft or over the side of a ship
seat - any support where you can sit (especially the part of a chair or bench etc. on which you sit); "he dusted off the seat before sitting down"
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A bosun's chair affixed ropes at height to control the lowering mechanism.
Meanwhile, Lieutenant Nesbit, on the clifftop, organised a makeshift bosun's chair which was held in place by some 70-plus soldiers once the ropes were in place.
He would go to extraordinary lengths for a picture, including being suspended high above ground in a bosun's chair on the jib of a crane and being lowered into a sewer in an iron bucket.
"Working with a specialist scaffolding supplier, we are using an ATEX-approved mobile tower to tackle the larger silos, while elsewhere a tripod and winch system with a Bosun's chair has proved successful.
Now I am back in the metaphorical bosun's chair, it is heartening to see the waterfront thriving evermore.