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A leather bag or sack for holding wine.



a small leather wine container


(ˈboʊ tə)

n., pl. -tas.
a goatskin bag for holding wine.
[< Sp < Late Latin butta, buttis cask; see butt4]
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Noun1.bota - a wine bottle made of leather
wine bottle - a bottle for holding wine
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Sancho rode on his ass like a patriarch, with his alforjas and bota, and longing to see himself soon governor of the island his master had promised him.
The typical Bota consumer drinks $10 and above retail wines," says Chris Indelicato, president and CEO of Delicato Family Vineyards, the makers of Bota Box.
Referring back to the initial call-out for ideas, Maria Bota said it was one of the ways the creative team aimed to bring to life the three walking routes which Great Exhibition visitors will be urged to follow.
hundreds that place, the team is great ideas the North Bota Ve n u e s including Science Central and the Lit & Phil in Newcastle and the Northern Design Centre in Gateshead have offered to collaborate with creative people in forming proposals.
But Bota, like many other residents interviewed, said he did not see any signs of Indian troops attacking or crossing the fortified line less than a mile away.
This coexistence of Ali Ahmeti and Gruevski's government is disgraceful to Albanians in the light of all the scandals and has at the same time contradicted all of Ahmeti's arguments," Bota Sot says.
He dismissed Bota Sot's reports as speculations, libel and amateurism.
based Delicato Family Vineyards, maker of the Bota Box, collaborated with a northwestern grocer to create the 1.
Peter Knott, Arts Council England; Maria Bota, consultant; Paul Kaynes, Birmingham Hippodrome.
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Tras la lectura de Bakhtine demasque, el colosal--casi cruel e inquisitorial, diria yo--trabajo de investigacion y denuncia realizado por los profesores Bronckart y Bota (maestro y alumno en la Universidad de Ginebra), sera dificil absolver al misterioso Bajtin de haber organizado, con la complicidad de su esposa Elena Okolovich y una secta de proselitos tardios, la cual se granjeo la buena voluntad y el entusiasmo de algunas estrellas del pensamiento contemporaneo (Jakobson, Tzvetan Todorov, Julia Kristeva), una de las imposturas mas eficaces y delirantes en la historia universal de la literatura.