botch up

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Verb1.botch up - make a mess of, destroy or ruinbotch up - make a mess of, destroy or ruin; "I botched the dinner and we had to eat out"; "the pianist screwed up the difficult passage in the second movement"
go wrong, miscarry, fail - be unsuccessful; "Where do today's public schools fail?"; "The attempt to rescue the hostages failed miserably"
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But they came nowhere near it, piling the pressure on the rookie boss and his squad after a performance he admitted was hamstrung by botch ups in attack and defence.
Thousands of people with implants in various parts of their bodies -- from breast to hip knee and spine- are dealing with the consequences of botch ups.
After more tests, they discovered that I actually had an underactive thyroid - but their treatment had actually destroyed the gland altogether and I now have to stay on medication for the rest of my life because of the botch ups in a Lanarkshire hospital.