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tr.v. botched, botch·ing, botch·es
1. To perform poorly or ruin through clumsiness or ineptitude: botch a tennis shot; botch a rebellion.
2. To repair or mend clumsily or ineptly.
1. A ruined or defective piece of work: "I have made a miserable botch of this description" (Nathaniel Hawthorne).
2. A hodgepodge.

[Middle English bocchen, to mend.]

botch′er n.
botch′y adj.
Synonyms: botch, blow1, bungle, butcher, fumble, muff1
These verbs mean to harm or spoil through ineptitude or clumsiness: botch a repair; blow an opportunity; bungle an interview; butchered the haircut; fumbled my chance to apologize; muffed the last play of the game.


bungled or mishandled
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Adj.1.botched - spoiled through incompetence or clumsiness; "a bungled job"
unskilled - not having or showing or requiring special skill or proficiency; "unskilled in the art of rhetoric"; "an enthusiastic but unskillful mountain climber"; "unskilled labor"; "workers in unskilled occupations are finding fewer and fewer job opportunities"; "unskilled workmanship"


[ˈbɒtʃt] adj [attempt, robbery, job, rescue] → raté(e)botch-up [ˈbɒtʌp] ntravail m bâclé
References in classic literature ?
So, that feather-headed boy had botched things again
I says to myself I've botched my chances by that; I surely have, if he meets up with Hal Clayton.
Having the natural feelings of a tradesman at finding that a job he should have been called in for had been unskilfully botched by his customers among themselves, he was disposed to say no.
He assumes that Christianity, as a product of the resentment of the botched and the weak, has put in ban all that is beautiful, strong, proud, and powerful, in fact all the qualities resulting from strength, and that, in consequence, all forces which tend to promote or elevate life have been seriously undermined.
Summary: Gynaecologist found guilty of botched laparoscopy after which patient became infertile
para]]Popular show Botched has been highlighting the grotesqueness of botched cosmetic procedures; complications can be at best unsightly and at worst fatal.
Shadow Business Secretary Chuka Umunna MP said: "It's disgraceful the Government are rushing to dump their stake in Royal Mail to City speculators without giving ordinary investors a look-"The Government do not seem to have learned the lessons from their initial botched fire sale of the Royal Mail.
The botched drone strike resulting in the death of two foreign hostages has once again brought the controversial nature of this tactic to the forefront.
18 after lawmakers botched an 18th attempt to elect a new head of state due to lack of consensus.
appears on Channel 5's Botched Up Bodies series on Thursday, Now, though, Lynda, who appears on Channel 5's Botched Up Bodies series on Thursday, has had a dazzling new smile created.
He says that a Labour Government will cap annual rail fares and introduce the biggest railway reforms since the Tories botched privatisabotched privatisaT - tions.
By the way, we are repeatedly told that the same surgeons carry out operations in both sectors so AW's NHS surgeon who botched up his operation twice may well have botched it up in the private sector too.