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also bot fly  (bŏt′flī′)
Any of various stout dipteran flies of the family Oestridae, having larvae that are parasitic on mammals, including livestock and sometimes humans.
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n, pl -flies
(Animals) any of various stout-bodied hairy dipterous flies of the families Oestridae and Gasterophilidae, the larvae of which are parasites of humans, sheep, and horses
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n., pl. -flies.
any of several flies of the families Oestridae, Gasterophilidae, and Cuterebridae, the larvae of which are parasitic in the skin or other parts of various mammals.
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Noun1.botfly - stout-bodied hairy dipterous fly whose larvae are parasites on humans and other mammalsbotfly - stout-bodied hairy dipterous fly whose larvae are parasites on humans and other mammals
gadfly - any of various large flies that annoy livestock
Gasterophilus intestinalis, horse botfly - parasitic chiefly on horses
Dermatobia hominis, human botfly - large tropical American fly; parasitic on humans and other mammals
Oestrus ovis, sheep botfly, sheep gadfly - larvae are parasitic on sheep
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n (Zool) → Pferdebremse f
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I am imagining your fever, and about twenty-three sentences saying, I really think I have a botfly maggot living in me."
hominis, also known as human botfly, is a two-winged fly of about 12-18 mm in length, and its maggots may live as parasites in the skin of humans and animals.
hominis, the human botfly, is the most common cause of furuncular myiasis in Mexico, Central America, and South America (1).
The botfly eggs then go on to hatch and then make their way in through your skin.
The larvae were identified as the larvae of Oestrus ovis (nasal botfly) based on the characteristic morphology as per Whitlock (1960) and Soulsby (1992) viz.
Poggi et al., "Three cases of ophthalmomyiasis externa by sheep botfly Oestrus ovis in Italy," New Microbiologica, vol.
In areas where cuterebra larvae of the adult botfly are endemic--primarily in the Northeast--the larva can enter through the nose and move to the brain, where it may cause neurological damage.
Palms for the treatment of Botfly infection and as an Anthelmintic were reported only from Colombia whereas as Purgatives were only reported from the Colombian Choco.
SAN DIEGO--Identifying a botfly infestation can be the toughest part of treating it; it's not uncommon for travelers to return from Costa Rica, Belize, and other Central and South American countries with Dermatobia hominis infestations, but clinicians in North America are not necessarily comfortable diagnosing them or removing the larvae, according to Dr.
Among the tales are a boy sets his parents on the straight and narrow, a grandfather's advice on goats, the mindless man, a jinni's kiss, a mother's advice to her sleeping baby, a prayer for rain, ambergris from the snake, a man in times of drought, and the pernicious botfly. ([umlaut] Ringgold, Inc., Portland, OR)
paper wasps--ape, asp porbeagle shark--beagle, eagle ratites--rat, tit serrated turtle--rat, tur Thomas's sticky-toed gecko--ass, tick turbot--tur, bot (botfly larva) A perfect charade.