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The roe of mullet or tuna that is salted, dried, pressed, and usually served sliced or grated as a garnish. Also called botargo.

[Italian, from Arabic baṭāriḫ, pl. of baṭraḫ, ultimately from Greek tarīkhos, tarīkhon, dried salted fish, pickled fish (perhaps via Late Greek botarikhon : bo-; perhaps akin to Modern Greek avgo, egg from Greek ōion; see awi- in Indo-European roots + Greek tarīkhon, or alternatively via Coptic *pitarikhon, bottarga : pi-, masculine sing. definite article + *tarikhon, bottarga, from Greek tarīkhon).]


The dried and salted roe (eggs) of mullet and tuna. Used in Italian cooking.
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Cortney Burns and Nick Balla, the chefs behind San Francisco restaurant Bar Tartine and authors of the 2015 James Beard Award-winning cookbook, Bar Tartine: Techniques & Recipes, rely heavily on local produce to painstakingly make ingredients and create all dishes in-house, including aged cheeses, spices, koji and bottarga.
Chiles has become a leader in the local food movement, and with Cortez's Seth Cripes, co-founded the Anna Maria Fish Company, which produces bottarga, cured roe from local mullet, considered a culinary delicacy.
Global flavors, like fish sauce, bottarga, and Szechwan peppercorns, seep into the menus and somewhat controversial ingredients, like horse meat, are brought to the table via excellent local butchers.
Local delicacies include pane carasau (like poppadoms), pecorino (ewe's milk cheese) and bottarga (an affordable version of caviar).
Guests can enjoy the smoked chestnut soup with whipped truffle cheese, or the moist cauliflower and king scallop risotto with bottarga and crispy seaweed to start.
Also, try the pasta with sea bass eggs or bottarga, a Mediterranean delicacy of cured fish roe," he says.
it) is the first virtual showroom where one can find Italian pasta made exclusively by hand, exceptional mullet bottarga - known as the 'golden caviar' of the Mediterranean, traditional almond pastries decorated by local artisans, and a variety of extraordinary products that preserve millenary production methods and a cultural identity that is unparalleled across the globe.
the Cervo Conference Center will host a number of Italian specialty exhibitors of honey, cheese, dried and smoked meats, bottarga, oil products, jams and sweets, and much more.
The kitchen, seen immediately by entering customers, produces many of the most popular pastas (even spaghetti and meatballs at lunchtime), but in the evening it tosses its spaghetti with the much more alluring combination of clams, garlic, bottarga (dark gray mullet roe) and a wine sauce ($13).
While in chapter one we encounter Lope's Virgilian self-conception, in chapter two, we see the poet dressed in a red Bottarga costume, galloping on a donkey.
Importing Sardinian products for the UK market, Vallebona specialises in bottarga, a product using mullet or tuna roe, presented as an appetiser after being dried and salted then served in olive oil.