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Noun1.bottle bill - a statute that would require merchants to reclaim used bottles
bill, measure - a statute in draft before it becomes law; "they held a public hearing on the bill"
law, jurisprudence - the collection of rules imposed by authority; "civilization presupposes respect for the law"; "the great problem for jurisprudence to allow freedom while enforcing order"
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Among Cuomo's environmental conservation proposals: banning single-use plastic bags given to store customers at point of sale and expanding the state's bottle bill to include sports drinks and other containers currently not required to have a 5-cent deposit.
But the most effective way to get plastic bottles and aluminum cans out of the trash and roadside litter and into recycling bins is the bottle bill, and PepsiCo is unwavering in its opposition to any and every bottle bill.
This accessible history of environmentalism in Oregon focuses on the period 1960AEs-70AEs, with case studies of cleaning the Willamette River, the Beach Bill, the Bottle Bill, land zoning laws, and the roles of political leaders such as Tom McCall and Bob Straub, as well as the actions of citizens.
The same year Keep America Beautiful was founded, Vermont passed the nation's first version of a bottle bill that banned selling beer in non-refillable bottles.
The state passed a bottle bill, protected public access to beaches, and established progressive land-use laws, to name a few accomplishments.
In 1971, Oregon passed a first-of-its-kind "bottle bill." A nickel carried real spending power back then.
The Maryland state legislature will review several environmental bills focused on solid waste management this session, most notably a "bottle bill" titled the Maryland Redeemable Beverage Container Recycling Refund and Litter Reduction Act. reports a recent poll showing that 75 percent of residents favored the expanded bottle bill. Those folks clearly didn't vote, or were confused by the bill's wording.
Some specific topics considered include preschool children's preference for branded foods, Oregon's iconic bottle bill, promoting low-carbon policy to the public, Germany's Green Dot packaging program, and green behavior among non-Hispanics versus acculturating Hispanics.
A really effective bottle bill (with some producer responsibility built in) is under attack from industry-sponsored legislation that describes itself as EPR, but in reality would weaken recycling in the state.
The International Bottled Water Association has been granted a preliminary injunction that will delay New York's Bottle Bill Expansion law, which was slated to go into effect next week.