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Adj.1.bottle-shaped - shaped like a bottle
formed - having or given a form or shape
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Two great bottle-shaped pieces of yellow shining wood had been heaped upon the cabman.
The fog was lighter here, and he could see the strange, bottle-shaped kilns with their orange, fanlike tongues of fire.
The world's fastest direct injection molding technology--and the first seen in an aseptic packaging system--creates the unique bottle-shaped top.
You can snap up bottle-shaped vases and rustic side tables at bargain prices.
2]/g) as specific surface area by cetyltrimethylammonium bromide adsorption and "IB" as ink bottle-shaped micropore index, of the hydrated silica, satisfy a specific relationship and "weight loss on ignition" (mass %) as weight loss when the hydrate silicate is heated at 750[degrees]C for three hours and "weight loss on heating" (mass %) as weight loss when the hydrate silicate is heated at 105[degrees]C for two hours satisfy a specific relationship.
Had it been bottle-shaped the bin would have been emptied.
forrestiana with its crimson fragrant flowers that are followed by bottle-shaped pillar box red fruits; R.
Eloquence and elegance are combined in a large bowl and in a tall, graceful bottle-shaped vase; using cane blown components inspired by snowflakes.
Advanced Electron Beams has announced the availability of the e25ITB, an electron-beam emitter designed for sterilizing the interior surfaces of bottle-shaped packaging.
Recycling officer Phil Shaw said: We would like to remind those residents on the scheme that only bottle-shaped plastic items can be put out for collection in the clear plastic bags supplied.
MBDA also fitted the bottle-shaped profile with an array of teeth at the front end, partly to avoid gliding at the point of contact and partly to crack the concrete.
I saw a bottle-shaped city surrounded by a wall, a city with just one entrance: Qalqilya.