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Any of various Australian shrubs or trees of the genus Callistemon, having dense cylindrical spikes of flowers with long stamens that resemble a brush used to clean bottles.


1. (Tools) a cylindrical brush on a thin shaft, used for cleaning bottles
2. (Plants) Also called: callistemon any of various Australian myrtaceous shrubs or trees of the genera Callistemon and Melaleuca, having dense spikes of large red flowers with protruding brushlike stamens
3. (Plants) any of various similar trees or shrubs


(ˈbɒt lˌbrʌʃ)

any Australasian tree or shrub of the genera Callistemon and Melaleuca, of the myrtle family, having a flower spike with pink or yellow brushlike tufts.
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Noun1.bottlebrush - a cylindrical brush on a thin shaft that is used to clean bottlesbottlebrush - a cylindrical brush on a thin shaft that is used to clean bottles
brush - an implement that has hairs or bristles firmly set into a handle
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Home Centre has miniature bottlebrush trees, stockings, gifts, Santa-themed mugs and bowls and a lot of Christmas decor products.
MPI continues to encourage people to check myrtle species plants for example, pohutukawa, ramarama, manuka, feijoa, and bottlebrush.
Towards the end of summer, enjoy Sanguisorbas, which have soft pink or white bottlebrush flowers atop stems a metre high.
Towards the end of the summer you could enjoy Sanguisorbas which have soft pink or white bottlebrush flowers atop stems a metre high.
In the garden: baby's-breath, bottlebrush, forget-me-nots, marjoram, and thistle.
It is bright gold with bottlebrush foliage and is another one growing at a snail's pace - about 5cm every year.
Because of their knobby shape, the tubers require special care in washing; an old toothbrush or a small bottlebrush will come in handy for this purpose.
Gareth Daniels, Glamorgan: I've never been able to get bottlebrush seeds to germinate - I'm going to try planting seeds in pots and standing the pots in water.
They don't branch very much, which makes whatever the vine is growing on begin to look like a bottlebrush or artificial Christmas tree.
Several cuttings and seed samples were taken of a wonderful red bottlebrush bush which had been planted on top of our now deceased and desperately missed Bahraini feline companion.
The blooming flowers cannot be ignored as one strolls along Rosa Bautista Walk, a tiled pathway beneath a row of bottlebrush and alnus trees that leads to the other parts of BGHMC Gardens.
coontie, poinsettia, tropical sage, bottlebrush, cymbidium orchid, bush daisy, firespike, weeping lantana, and scarlet rose mallow) would be suitable recommendations for planting where eastern lubber grasshopper was a threat.