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Noun1.bottlecap - a cap that seals a bottle
bottle - a glass or plastic vessel used for storing drinks or other liquids; typically cylindrical without handles and with a narrow neck that can be plugged or capped
cap - a top (as for a bottle)
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Ask For Customized Report @ Side Pour Caps Market: Key Players Few of the leading players operating in the global side pour caps market are-- QingdaoYahua BottleCap Making Co., Ltd.
Pattern recognition algorithms integrated into the technology can offer finer motor control than an amputee could ever dream of, including a "pinch grasp" with the thumb and index finger to hold a pencil; a "three-finger grasp" to grab a bottlecap or piece of candy; a generic "power grasp" to shake hands or hold a bottle; a "tool grasp" that lags the index finger behind to grip a drill; and a" key grasp" to hold ...
In late February, Stitzlein will spend two days creating a bottlecap mural, which will be on permanent display at the Appleton, with students from North Marion Middle School.
Jill, and the Bottlecap collection of cards that riff on pop culture, hot topics and birthday fun.
Bottlecap theory: Kill all babies Two 'thinkers' discuss Which babies we should eradicate for a better race?
"He climbed aboard / An upside down bus / With bottlecap eyes / He soon realized / Nobody else but he survived," the pair sing in perfect harmony over lightly plucked guitar on Robot Boy,.
Tie-breaker V-rings of the targets are the size of bottlecap for "100 yards," dime for "200," 9mm diameter for "300" and pencil eraser for "400-yard" duplicator.
While a bottlecap attached to a twig may not be the most interesting weapon in videogame history, seeing what new stuff you can create really spurs the player on to see what lies around the corner.
I said, "There's a wet wipes container in the garbage in the back of my desk in the bedroom, and there's a butt squat down into a bottlecap down beside it.
Bottlecap and chain mail sculpture, Self Portrait, by Francesca Quagliata of 4th Street Design (4thstreet
Impact, Texas: History in a bottlecap. Texas Escape-Blueprints for Travel.
They were coming in under a door sill and I put a bottlecap full on each side.