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Noun1.bottling plant - a plant where beverages are put into bottles with caps
industrial plant, plant, works - buildings for carrying on industrial labor; "they built a large plant to manufacture automobiles"
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Tenders are invited for Supply, fixing, testing, commissioning of led flood lights in hi mast towers and flood light towers at indane bottling plant, durgapur-713201
Summary: A Spanish politician has requested that the nation's parliament stop all sales of Coca Cola until the company reinstates workers in a bottling plant in the capital.
PUB chain and brewery business Camerons is set to open new venues - and a PS1m Teesside bottling plant - following a "transformational" year that saw turnover growth of 11.
Dairy Crest yesterday announced plans to shut their last remaining glass bottling plant, with the loss of 200 jobs.
A nearly 15-year battle over alleged pollution and illegal land seizure by a Coca-Cola bottling plant in the Indian village of Varansai has ended in favor of local activists who have been calling for the plant's closure.
When this bottling plant in a town outside Worcester was built in 1927, it became one of more than a hundred bottling plants in Massachusetts, home to what was then a much broader array of choices in soft drinks that today we would be more likely to market as "craft'' beverages.
New Delhi: Authorities in northern India said on Friday they would demolish an "illegal" Coca-Cola bottling plant at the centre of protests over accusations it is extracting too much groundwater.
The Unified Office of Zamzama, suppliers of Zamzam water, signed a SR 20 million contract with the Water Technology Company (WTC) to build a Zamzam bottling plant in Makkah.
Coca-Cola did not illegally purchase, or unjustly enrich itself from, an Egyptian bottling plant located on land that was forcibly taken from a Jewish family, the 2nd Circuit ruled March 19 in Bigio v.
Unnafibras Textil already recycles more than one billion bottles-a-year into raw materials, but the quality of the new resin would be good enough to sell a soft-drinks bottling plant on Paraiba province, north-east Brazil, said the IFC.
The deadly July 5 riots in northwest China cost soft drink giant Coca-Cola's new joint venture bottling plant in Xinjiang about 8 million yuan ($1.
The remarkable discovery means a potentially huge windfall for West Clare village Lissycasey, where a spring water bottling plant is now to be built.