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Noun1.bottling plant - a plant where beverages are put into bottles with caps
industrial plant, plant, works - buildings for carrying on industrial labor; "they built a large plant to manufacture automobiles"
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The Zamzam bottling plant produces 2,000 gallons of Zamzam water per hour per production line.
At a time when, international beverage giant Coca-Cola is facing a stiff resistance from activists and locals in different states of the country over exploitation of water resources, Madhya Pradesh government has cozied up to it and allotted 110 acre of land along Narmada river for a food processing and bottling plant.
Summary: A Spanish politician has requested that the nation's parliament stop all sales of Coca Cola until the company reinstates workers in a bottling plant in the capital.
PUB chain and brewery business Camerons is set to open new venues - and a PS1m Teesside bottling plant - following a "transformational" year that saw turnover growth of 11.4%.
Dairy Crest yesterday announced plans to shut their last remaining glass bottling plant, with the loss of 200 jobs.
A nearly 15-year battle over alleged pollution and illegal land seizure by a Coca-Cola bottling plant in the Indian village of Varansai has ended in favor of local activists who have been calling for the plant's closure.
When this bottling plant in a town outside Worcester was built in 1927, it became one of more than a hundred bottling plants in Massachusetts, home to what was then a much broader array of choices in soft drinks that today we would be more likely to market as "craft'' beverages.
New Delhi: Authorities in northern India said on Friday they would demolish an "illegal" Coca-Cola bottling plant at the centre of protests over accusations it is extracting too much groundwater.
Coca-Cola did not illegally purchase, or unjustly enrich itself from, an Egyptian bottling plant located on land that was forcibly taken from a Jewish family, the 2nd Circuit ruled March 19 in Bigio v.
Unnafibras Textil already recycles more than one billion bottles-a-year into raw materials, but the quality of the new resin would be good enough to sell a soft-drinks bottling plant on Paraiba province, north-east Brazil, said the IFC.
The deadly July 5 riots in northwest China cost soft drink giant Coca-Cola's new joint venture bottling plant in Xinjiang about 8 million yuan ($1.17 million) in sales over the last week, the plant's general manager on Tuesday.