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Noun1.bottom-dweller - a fish that lives and feeds on the bottom of a body of water
fish - any of various mostly cold-blooded aquatic vertebrates usually having scales and breathing through gills; "the shark is a large fish"; "in the living room there was a tank of colorful fish"
mullet - bottom dwelling marine warm water fishes with two barbels on the chin
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Washington State has traditionally been a bottom-dweller in the Pac 12 Conference, but has a strong 7-2 record under Leach this year.
The Cambrian animals Odontogriphus and Wiwaxia might not have been much to look at - the former a naked slug, the latter a creeping bottom-dweller covered with spines and scales.
With prices at a 30-year low, MaineOs lobster industry canOt afford to let the ancient bottom-dweller sell itself.
This will also be another opportunity for USC to record a rare victory against a Pacific-10 Conference bottom-dweller.
Practitioner Hedblom brings personal narratives to the forefront in this guide for alcohol addicts and their therapists, and their words bridge the transitions they have made from practicing alcoholic to bottom-dweller to seeker of healing to recovery.
There is wide scope for widening our MSMEs' access to capital, and unless we succeed in this, we will remain the region's bottom-dweller in having small firms become the inclusive economic growth driver they could and should be.
If they wanted to move beyond life as a bracket bottom-dweller, something had to change.
Ceres-La Salle stretched its unbeaten streak to eight games after blanking bottom-dweller Cimarron, 4-0, to remain on top of the United Football League second division held over the weekend at the Emperador Stadium.
In his first five games playing for the Knicks, the team has won three-of-five games, which included a road victory against high-flying Miami, but also a loss to bottom-dweller Cleveland.
But Paul is a born bottom-dweller for whom upward mobility is not an option.
Or you could blame the schedule for providing USC a bottom-dweller after two top-15 opponents.
Based on 2014 figures cited by Eagle Cement during its investor briefing, Philippine cement per capita consumption was only 212 kilos, nearly the bottom-dweller in Southeast Asia, beating only Myanmar which consumed 152 kilos of cement per capita.