bottom feeder (defs. 2, 3).
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There's only one sweet spot at the low end and that's where the lowest of the low resides--until it's knocked off by the next bottom-fisher.
Among the guest speakers are Mike ``Beak'' Hurt, a Southland skipper who targets marlin, tuna and sharks; Jim Hendricks of Downey, a bass aficionado who favors kelp patties; white seabass and halibut bottom-fisher George Van Zant from Seal Beach; and Mike Gardner, an inner-harbor specialist from Los Angeles.
As a result, bottom-fishers will likely continue to face restrictions on the depths at which they can fish.
After that, the recovery-seekers and bottom-fishers joined those who recognised the resilience of the smaller stocks and bought more of" them, lifting prices and profiles.
As the bottom-fishers moved in its shares added p to 4p while Mondas was buoyed by positive comments on its interim results yesterday and firmed by 4p to 50p.
It was encouraging to see that we do have some bargain hunters and bottom-fishers in the market,'' said Goldman.
Furthermore, investment activity will be prevalent among bottom-fishers, European and bulk institutional investors.