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1. Concerned exclusively with costs and profits: bottom-line issues.
2. Ruthlessly realistic; pragmatic: a bottom-line political strategy.

bot′tom-line′ v.
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They justify their actions like everyone else, "It was a bottom-line decision.
Upcoming events include: Employee Engagement Summit (7-9 February, Scottsdale, Arizona); How to Use Strategic Internal Communication to Drive Bottom-Line Results; Internal Branding: Communicating to Your Employees to Build Your Brand, Change Their Behavior and Impact Your Organization's Bottom Line.
Overall, the goal is to create a professional business community that can have more positive bottom-line impact for all members involved in surplus management and disposition.
Bottom-line allocations are deemed to consist of a pro-rata piece of every partnership tax item.
Any short-term, bottom-line approach is certain to impact quality of care and quality of life.
Sure, you've known for a month that a couple of departments could be streamlined, but the only indicators you've been able to use to establish goals have been based on historical bottom-line performance and guesses at the future.
Murdoch, whose empire is valued at more than $30 billion, has a reputation as a workaholic and micro-manager who promotes executives who reflect his own bottom-line sensibility.
Providing health, wellness and illness prevention and management to employees is a wise human-capital investment which, through cutting the need for medical and absence-related expenses, can contribute to bottom-line returns.
But because traditional research processes do not tell you about the impact of communication on the organization, you are forced to make assumptions because you do not know for certain which programs are most effective in building trust, employee loyalty and commitment, or even in contributing to bottom-line performance.
To capture the value-creating potential of an organization's intellectual and other intangible assets, and thus better understand the company's potential market capitalization, we need earnings-based, bottom-line measurements so that these intangibles can be identified, measured, managed, and leveraged to create competitive advantage and improved financial performance.
The introduction of the "Textbooks" service is aimed at helping consumers find the lowest bottom-line price; automatically calculating shipping, taxes and available coupons.
Applying measurements to what you do in bottom-line organizational terms could make you uncomfortable because you are used to subjective accountability while management wants objective accountability.