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bou·gie 1

 (bo͞o′zhē, -jē)
1. Medicine
a. A slender, flexible, cylindrical instrument that is inserted into a bodily canal, such as the urethra, to dilate, examine, or medicate.
2. A wax candle.

[French, from Old French, a fine wax, after Bougie (Bejaïa), a city of northern Algeria.]

bou·gie 2

adj. Informal
Bourgeois: opted for a mom-and-pop diner over a more bougie restaurant.

[Respelling (after the variant pronunciation (bo͝o′zhwä)) of bourg(eois) + -ie.]
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(ˈbuːʒiː; buːˈʒiː)
(Medicine) med a long slender semiflexible cylindrical instrument for inserting into body passages, such as the rectum or urethra, to dilate structures, introduce medication, etc
[C18: from French, originally a wax candle from Bougie (Bujiya), Algeria]
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(ˈbu dʒi, -ʒi, buˈʒi)

a. a slender, flexible instrument introduced into passages of the body for dilating, examining, medicating, etc.
b. a suppository.
2. a wax candle.
[1745–55; < French]
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n. bujía; candelilla, instrumento usado en la dilatación de la uretra.
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Les meres des jeunes harraga nourrissent de l'espoir avec cette bougie allumee par les mosquees, ne vous bousculez pas pour l'eteindre, allumez plutot vos lanternes car nous, nous ne possedons que les bougies.
Despite all these theoretical advantages, there is no consensus in the available scientific literature to favor balloons over bougies [5, 6].
L'article Arval Maroc souffle ses 15 bougies est apparu en premier sur ALBAYANE .
McCoy laryngoscopes (13.4%), gum elastic bougies (23.6%), Airtraq devices (0.006%) and fibreoptic bronchoscopes (FOBs) (0.03%) were the additional airway techniques employed.
Pour souffler dignement ses 40 bougies, l'AFC va apporter sa contribution a pas moins de 4 evenements qui se derouleront durant toute l'annee 2016 : * du 5 au 7 fevrier : Festival << Prestige du Cor >> organise a Aulnay-sous-Bois (Ile-de-France) par Daniel Catalanotti
The bougie consists of two independent tubular bougies and disk-like devices to measure stricture length behind every bougie.
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Plusieurs avancees techniques ont marque l'histoire de cet edifice, qui a commence par la mise en service d'un appareil optique d'une puissance de 20.000 bougies decimales pour arriver a un systeme lenticulaire d'une puissance de 300.000 bougies, installe en 1931.
Des bougies non eteintes sur la baignoire qui auraient enflamme des vetements a proximite, provoquant un important sinistre selon John Bley, chef du Fire Departement of New York.
Duff and co-workers (23) showed that the Eschmann and Frova bougies had only success rates of 65 and 75% respectively with the Glidescope videolaryngoscope while the 60-degree curved stylet was 100% successful.
Lanez's Bougies Russes is a collection of six candleholders that renew romantic childhood memories in elegantly domed glass.