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 (bo͞o′yə-bās′, bo͞ol′yə-bās′)
1. A highly seasoned stew made of several kinds of fish and shellfish, tomatoes, olive oil, and often saffron.
2. A combination of various different, often incongruous elements: a bouillabaisse of special interests.

[French, from Provençal bouiabaisso : boui, imperative of bouie, to boil (from Latin bullīre, from bulla, bubble) + abaisso, imperative of abeissa, to lower (from Vulgar Latin *abbassiāre : Latin ad-, ad- + Medieval Latin bassus, low).]


(Cookery) a rich stew or soup of fish and vegetables flavoured with spices, esp saffron
[C19: from French, from Provençal bouiabaisso, literally: boil down]


(ˌbu yəˈbeɪs, ˌbul-, ˈbu yəˌbeɪs, ˈbul-)

a soup or stew containing several kinds of fish and often shellfish, usu. combined with olive oil, tomatoes, and saffron.
[1850–55; < French < Occitan boui-abaisso]
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Noun1.bouillabaisse - highly seasoned Mediterranean soup or stew made of several kinds of fish and shellfish with tomatoes and onions or leeks and seasoned with saffron and garlic and herbs
fish stew - a stew made with fish


[ˈbuːjəbɛs] nbouillabaisse f
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The Restaurant at Chateau Morrisette is featuring new menu items including a porcini crusted steak, Marseille style seafood bouillabaisse with crispy calamari garnish, and bacon wrapped stuffed trout with haricot vert and lemon beurre noisette.
Other menu highlights include a selection of botanas (appetisers) such as guacamole, empanadas and camarones al chipotle, la parilla (steaks, grills and main courses) featuring zarandeado (grilled marinated catch of the day, mesquite smoke) and chilpachole (Mexican bouillabaisse with sauteed sea food and chili guajillo broth).
Mayfair gastronomic newcomer, Bouillabaisse, provided coastal cuisine to guests viewing the presentation from an over-hanging terrace.
On this occasion I cooked him a bouillabaisse and he gave me the ultimate compliment that my bouillabaisse was better than the bouillabaisse of Tetou.
The fish can actually be cream cheese bouillabaisse made to look like fish.
THE FULL-FLAVORED BOUILLABAISSE is a chef special at Walt's Fish Market available only from November through February, so you need to savor it soon or miss out.
Rogano's kitchen operates with 20 chefs and 10 assistants, and this is where I was shown how to prepare two dishes - Rogano bouillabaisse and whole lemon sole meuniere.
Serve this as an aperitif or as a poolside refresher or pair it with fish stews such as cioppino or bouillabaisse, baked ham served hot or cold, or citrusy cold shellfish salads.
I had nothing in the house but a bottle of Israeli wine which I found UNDRINKABLE, a tin of Bouillabaisse and some stale bread.
We tried the special of the day, bouillabaisse PS15), with fish caught from the Dorset coast.
Enjoy Bouillabaisse, Pommes Frites, Asparagus Hollandaise, Quiche Monet, and Lavender-Infused Cocoa-Dusted Truffles.