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bou·le 1

 (bo͞o′lē, bo͞o-lā′)
1. The lower house of the modern Greek legislature.
a. The senate of 400 founded by Solon in ancient Athens.
b. A legislative assembly in any one of the ancient Greek states.

[Greek boulē, assembly; see gwelə- in Indo-European roots.]

boule 2

a. often boules (bo͞ol) Any of several related bowling games, such as bocce or pétanque, traditionally played on an outdoor court.
b. The ball used in one of these games.
2. A round loaf of bread.
3. A pear-shaped synthetic sapphire, ruby, or other alumina-based gem, produced by fusing and tinting alumina.

[French, ball, boule, from Old French, ball, from Latin bulla, rounded object, bubble.]
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pl n
(Bowls & Bowling) (functioning as singular) a game, popular in France, in which metal bowls are thrown to land as near as possible to a target ball. It is played on rough surfaces
[plural of boule ball1; see bowl2]
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[ˈbuːl] npétanque f
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Chief among these is the Casino Municipale, where, for a price, the sorrowful may obtain oblivion by means of the ingenious game of boule .
To the boule tables that night fled George with his hopeless passion.
There is nothing like boule for absorbing the mind.
The game of boule demands undivided attention from its devotees.
It was not for some weeks after the Crawleys' departure that the landlord of the hotel which they occupied during their residence at Paris found out the losses which he had sustained: not until Madame Marabou, the milliner, made repeated visits with her little bill for articles supplied to Madame Crawley; not until Monsieur Didelot from Boule d'Or in the Palais Royal had asked half a dozen times whether cette charmante Miladi who had bought watches and bracelets of him was de retour.
The international Petanque Open is known on a European and African scale, it is an unmissable event, president of the Tunisian Federation of Boules and Petanque and member of the executive board of the International Federation of Petanque Mohamed Lassaad Bedhif said at a press conference Thursday in Tunis.
It's played on a hard surface with steel boules that can be thrown as well as rolled and is becoming popular in the UK.
The event is this Sunday, April 29, from 11am until 2pm and is open to anybody, young or old, who might like to try their hand at boules.
But nearby trader Alison Boules, who runs the Number One Hair salon, said crime had been rising in the normally sleepy village.
GTAT had managed to produce a 115-kilogram boule, but in order to convince Apple to use the sapphire, the company assured it could grow 165-kg boules.