bounce back

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v. bounced, bounc·ing, bounc·es
1. To rebound after having struck an object or a surface.
2. To move jerkily; bump: The car bounced over the potholes.
3. To bound: children bouncing into the room.
4. To be left unpaid because of an overdrawn account: a check that bounced.
5. Computers To be sent back by a mail server as undeliverable: That email bounced because I used "com" instead of "net."
6. Baseball To hit a ground ball to an infielder: The batter bounced out to the shortstop.
1. To cause to strike an object or a surface and rebound: bounce a ball on the sidewalk.
2. To present or propose for comment or approval. Often used with off: bounced a few ideas off my boss.
3. Slang
a. To expel by force: bounced him from the bar.
b. To dismiss from employment. See Synonyms at dismiss.
4. To write (a check) on an overdrawn bank account.
a. A rebound, as of a ball from the ground.
b. A sudden bound or upward movement: The bike went over the rock with a bounce.
c. The capacity to rebound; spring: a ball with bounce.
d. A sudden increase: got a bounce in the polls.
2. Cheerfulness or liveliness: "He had managed to recover much of his bounce and spirit" (Paul Auster).
3. Slang Expulsion; dismissal: was given the bounce from the job.
a. A fast, energetic style of hip-hop originating in New Orleans and characterized by repetitive, often sexual call-and-response lyrics.
b. A style of dance performed to this music characterized by rapid body movements, especially of the gluteal and hamstring muscles in a way that resembles bouncing while keeping the feet on the ground.
5. Chiefly British Loud, arrogant speech; bluster.
Phrasal Verb:
bounce back
To recover quickly, as from a setback: The patient bounced back to good health.

[Probably from Middle English bounsen, to beat.]
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bounce back

(intr, adverb) to recover one's health, good spirits, confidence, etc, easily after a setback
a recovery following a setback
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Verb1.bounce back - improve in health; "He got well fast"
ameliorate, improve, meliorate, better - get better; "The weather improved toward evening"
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w>bounce back

vt sep ballzurückprallen lassen
viabprallen, zurückprallen; (fig inf: person) → sich nicht unterkriegen lassen (inf); (to boyfriend) → zurückkommen
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References in classic literature ?
to the deck he would bounce back. But it is "162" that will do the kicking.
After a sour start against defending champions Creamline last Wednesday, the Motolite squad was able to bounce back. Myla Pablo and Tots Carlos led the way for Motolite in the victory.
Cormac shown bounce Cormac has shown great maturity to bounce back from last year's Q-School fiasco, when a two shot penalty effectively cost him his card.
with the Cargo Movers looking to sustain their fiery form against the HD Spikers, who are eager to bounce back after absorbing their first setback in the tournament.
R.I.C.H stands for Resilience (always bounce back), Industrious (work your hardest), Curiosity (have a thirst for knowledge) and Honour (respect others).
I just feel in terms of losing then I have to bounce back. I always feel low after a (defeat) but I'm pretty good at bouncing back."
But how many manage to bounce back? Here's how a few cases panned out...
"There is a lwtt long way to go, we know some tough games, they've got the FA Trophy as well, so we will keep going and try to bounce back on F ll Tuesday, that is the big thing for us now."
Still, it's only one loss just four games into the season and De Jesus wants his team to put the defeat behind and bounce back immediately.
Only someone who had learnt to bounce back again and again was able to stand by the power of his convictions and finally abolish slavery.
'BACK SANE TO BY STEVE BATES BOUNCE BACK' BOSS Pep Guardiola has challenged Leroy Sane to bounce back from his World Cup snub with another top season.
"I understand when people say we will fall away, because it is very difficult to sustain results all season, but it is about how you bounce back.