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Noun1.bounciness - the quality of a substance that is able to reboundbounciness - the quality of a substance that is able to rebound
elasticity, snap - the tendency of a body to return to its original shape after it has been stretched or compressed; "the waistband had lost its snap"
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Further, Lindbergh and Lichtman note that in addition to the BRC and MLB's independent study in 2017, Washington State University conducted a study to determine if the coefficient of restitution (COR) measurements, essentially a measure of a baseball's bounciness, were truly different.
All in all, Bronte is an energetic typical lurcher who will benefit from experienced owners who can reassure and build her confidence when needed but also reign in her bounciness too.
We are ideally looking for a home for Pepper with sensible teenagers as we feel that she would be too much for young children due to her bounciness. We really hope she doesn't have to have a long stay with us and finds her forever home soon because she has been in and out a few times now.
Aside from its roominess, the new plane's wings are designed to be flexible, adjusting to the atmospheric condition, contributing to less bounciness in any kind of weather.
A Boomerang video features the bounciness of the pair's new hairdo.
Hip-body ratio (hip width versus body height) and bounciness (derived from the distribution of vertical velocity) were equally correlated with perceived sensuality (r = 0.41), while hip-knee phase angle (degree of synchrony between the vertical movement of the hip and knee) was correlated with perceived mood (r = -0.49) and perceived interest (r = -0.41).
India is so vast and full of culture, it's surprising that its film industry seldom goes beyond the garish bounciness of Bollywood -- but here's a superb Indian drama, made by a neophyte writer-director called Chaitanya Tamhane.
The opener, "Good Morning,'' has an old-school punk bounciness to it, a sense of manic joy that makes the whole musical rampage engaging.
It is a powerful anti-ageing molecule to stimulate and strengthen the support fibres of the skin.- LHA:Gently exfoliates to reveal a smooth and even skin tone - Ceramide Pro: Ceramide Pro are lipids essential to the skin to maintain its structure, retain moisture and regain the skin's bounciness
The latter are often associated with resonance: the unfortunate condition where the natural bounciness of part of the system matches the operating speed and so the vibration movement is far higher than would otherwise be expected.
Therefore, in order to standardize the firmness or 'bounciness' of the LTRs, each LTR used for this study was inflated to a standard pressure of 38 mmHG.