bouncing betty

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Noun1.bouncing betty - an antipersonnel land mine
ground-emplaced mine, land mine - an explosive mine hidden underground; explodes when stepped on or driven over
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There was a comedy tent which included sets from Tom Glover and Junior Simpson which proved popular, and live music from several acts including Bouncing Betty and the Paprika Blues Band.
WEXFORD: 5.40 Bashful Beauty, 6.15 Swantykay, 6.45 Kennedys Mor, 7.15 Bouncing Betty, 7.45 Old Supporter, 8.15 Most Chaste, 8.50 Vivid Red.
It is actually a diabolical bond, a Bouncing Betty that could hurt them three feet up when it goes off.
Bouncing Betty, a 1943 Ford "Jeep" owned by Major Gary Wallace and his Western Desert Recce Group, last month scooped the Scottish Vintage Vehicle Federation's Champion of Champions award.
The first division of the same race saw Mark Lynch bring the tenyear-old mare Gathabawn Lily home by two and a half lengths to Bouncing Betty.
They said all you have to do Is follow the bouncing Betty, I mean
You can turn your Bouncing Betty into a Sedate Sally by following a simple program that helps her get rid of excess energy, prevents her from being rewarded for out-of-control behavior, and consistently rewards her for being calm.