bound off

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Verb1.bound off - bound off one point after another
bounce, rebound, ricochet, take a hop, resile, spring, recoil, bound, reverberate - spring back; spring away from an impact; "The rubber ball bounced"; "These particles do not resile but they unite after they collide"
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A1058 (Coast Road) from the East and West Bound off slip roads to the East and West Bound on slip roads, with an alternative route via East and West Bound off Slip Roads.
Row 15: K2tog, bind off 8 sts, (last bound off st counts as first k1), k2, change to E; k8, change to A, k3; 14 sts.
Roads policing inspector, Martin Best said: "Shortly after 2.30pm yesterday afternoon, North Wales Police and other emergency services responded to the scene of a road traffic collision on the A55 east bound off slip from St Asaph Business Park involving a black Honda motorcycle.