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Being without boundaries or limits; unlimited: boundless ambition; boundless joy.

bound′less·ly adv.
bound′less·ness n.
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Adv.1.boundlessly - without bounds; "he is infinitely wealthy"
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The hair of my head stirred even as I picked myself up, awfully scared; not as a man is scared while his judgment, his reason still try to resist, but completely, boundlessly, and, as it were, innocently scared--like a little child.
There is not a drop of vanity in him, he is totally indifferent to any title or to the trapping of power; he is, however, boundlessly jealous of his own role in history and in that sense he is ambitious.
SATURDAY Russell Howard, Music Hall, Aberdeen Comedy from the boundlessly enthusiastic Bristolian and star of the BBC's topical comedy quiz Mock The Week as he takes his whimsical show, Dingledodies, around the country.
The boundlessly creative and productive singer-songwriter is touring the West with cellist and guitarist Andrew Livingston.
For instance, faced with the task of conveying the intensity of Divine Mercy and various shades of meaning imbued in the Divine attribute al-Rahim--one of the two Names of Mercy used in the invocation basmalah as well as in al-Fatihah, the opening surah of the Qu'ran--in conjunction with al-Rahman, many translators often resort to using phrases like "the Most Merciful", "the Ever-Merciful", the Boundlessly Merciful", or "All-Merciful".
He is, however, boundlessly optimistic and it's his light that will illuminate the gloom into which the others have fallen.
Kingston, an equally buxom, boundlessly enthusiastic woman who taught European History at Scotch.
His dogs are boundlessly energetic, each one of them seemingly desperate for the chance to pull a large Englishman at 25kph along the rugged rutted tracks until they are told to stop.
Shrewdly chosen clips from his work during this period illustrate the influence his life had on the startlingly intricate and boundlessly imaginative theater pieces he created.
The state would do so gladly with boundlessly generous offers to guide and direct, provide and decide, shape and control.
With access to the global economy, people's range of choices grows boundlessly, making it hard for local authorities to restrict citizens' options.
That rationalism, which would make war on religion, might just as soon make war on romance, humor, art, or culture as a whole and sunder itself from all those unpremeditated, whimsical, illogical, and intuitively wise things that make life splendid and boundlessly full of surprises--the sorts of things that, though sometimes causing pain, always enrich and enliven our souls.