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Existing in, characterized by, or producing abundance: bounteous harvests; bounteous land.

[Middle English bountevous, from Old French bontive, benevolent, from bonte, bounty; see bounty.]

boun′te·ous·ly adv.
boun′te·ous·ness n.
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Adv.1.bounteously - in a bountiful manner
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My only food consisted of vegetable milk from the plants which gave so bounteously of this priceless fluid.
And solid literature and light literature, and great writers and small, were all bounteously illuminated alike by a fine broad flow of the light of heaven, pouring into the room through windows that opened to the floor.
Most of us are so bounteously endowed with intellect as to require also a spice of genius to choose the right form of behaviour.
This evening gossip, and the terrific stories of Indian warfare to which it gave rise, produced a strong effect upon the imagination of the irresolute; and in the morning it was discovered that the two men, who had joined the party at the Omaha village, and been so bounteously fitted out, had deserted in the course of the night, carrying with them all their equipments.
appears to have been bounteously treated and promptly set free.
Here, a "bounteously threadbare" rug that was once a "fancy Asian carpet -- ornate blue base with exotic florals woven in pink and white with vines" becomes "a crapestry, a huge biomass obstruction like so much used Charmin."
It was bounteously funded (to the unprecedented tune of 500,000 Euro) by the German Federal Cultural Foundation, co-sponsored by a Christian art organisation together with secular partners and conceived as part of a wide programme of events initiated by the conference of German bishops to mark the 50th anniversary of the Second Vatican Council.