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1. Marked by or producing abundance: a bountiful harvest; a bountiful land.
2. Giving generously: Nature has been bountiful to the valley's residents.

boun′ti·ful·ly adv.
boun′ti·ful·ness n.
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Noun1.bountifulness - the property of copious abundancebountifulness - the property of copious abundance  
abundance, copiousness, teemingness - the property of a more than adequate quantity or supply; "an age of abundance"


References in classic literature ?
No poor, simple, virtuous body was ever cajoled by the attentions of an electioneering politician with more ease than Aunt Chloe was won over by Master Sam's suavities; and if he had been the prodigal son himself, he could not have been overwhelmed with more maternal bountifulness; and he soon found himself seated, happy and glorious, over a large tin pan, containing a sort of olla podrida of all that had appeared on the table for two or three days past.
Description of Hospitality is: Friendliness, hospitableness, welcome, warm, reception, helpfulness, neighborliness, warmth, warmheartedness, kindness, kind-ability, generosity, liberality, bountifulness, openhandedness.
(8.) Interestingly, in the song's conceit, this scenario of sexual bountifulness is envisioned to be the consequence of an atomic explosion.
Situated on a hill, the 1960s village, the vision and creation of two Egyptian poets, overlooks scenic vistas of Fayoum's sandy hills and the calm salt waters of Lake Qarun; a stunning contrast of drought and bountifulness; a representation of Egypt's heritage and landscape.
Stay flexible and give and take, and bountifulness can follow.
"If we provide enough resources for flourishing towns like Santo Tomas, then more Filipinos are given the chance to relish this bountifulness," Angara said.