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1. The drone pipe of a bagpipe.
2. The bass string, as of a violin.
3. An organ stop, commonly of the 16-foot pipes, medium in scale but with dark timbre.

[Middle English burdoun, bass, from Old French bourdon.]
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(ˈbʊədən; ˈbɔːdən)
1. (Instruments) a 16-foot organ stop of the stopped diapason type
2. (Instruments) the drone of a bagpipe
3. (Music, other) a drone or pedal point in the bass of a harmonized melody
[C14: from Old French: drone (of a musical instrument), of imitative origin]
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(ˈbʊər dn, ˈbɔr-, ˈboʊr-)

the drone pipe of a bagpipe.
[1350–1400; Middle English < Middle French; see burden2]
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Noun1.bourdon - a pipe of the bagpipe that is tuned to produce a single continuous tone
bagpipe - a tubular wind instrument; the player blows air into a bag and squeezes it out through the drone
pipe - a tubular wind instrument
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I lived frugally; I had accepted the conditions of the monastic life, necessary conditions for every worker, scarcely permitting myself a walk along the Boulevard Bourdon when the weather was fine.
Any belated persons walking along the Boulevard Bourdon must have stood still to listen to an exile's last prayer, a last cry of regret for a lost name, mingled with memories of Bianca.
The dim roar of London was like the bourdon note of a distant organ.
Neel's revived encounter with gender accounts at least in part for the straightforward nipples and belly of Margaret Evans Pregnant, 1978; the dissolute eye whites and bulging canary undershorts of Gregory Battcock in the dual portrait of him and David Bourdon (1970); and the labial jewelry front and center in her portrait of the sexual provocateur Annie Sprinkle (1982 ).
Yes, she was a lesbian; yes, that was her girlfriend, Sylvie Bourdon, cheering her on from the stands, and yes, she would be as openly affectionate with Bourdon as she pleased.
"Those two states started the crisis, and the fear from nursing home operators and insurers is that this will ripple throughout the nation," said Bourdon, who prepared the study with Sharon C.
Shayler's French lawyer, Mr William Bourdon, told the hearing that what Shayler had done in exposing the workings of MI5 was manifestly political.
The Bourdon tube developed by Eugene Bourdon in 1849 is still the most common method for mechanical pressure measurement in the oil and gas industry.
(Martineau) Bourdon and was a lifelong resident of Sutton.
CPL BOURDON: You are on the Alma Bridge, aren't you, by the Place de la Concorde?
March 6-- Zehnder's, Frankenmuth, Michigan; "Aerospace/Automotive Radiography," Richard Bourdon, XRI Testing.
With: Didier Bourdon, Bernard Campan, Pascal Legitimus, Virginie de Clausade, Walid Afkir, Nathalie Roussel, Claude Brusset, Christophe Hereon, Didier Flamand.