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 (bo͝o-rā′, bo͞o-)
a. An old French dance resembling the gavotte, usually in 3/4 or 2/2 time beginning with an upbeat.
b. The music for this dance.
2. A movement in ballet in which the dancer transfers body weight quickly from foot to foot, usually on the balls of the feet, in a series of small steps.

[French, from bourrer, to stuff, from bourre, hair, fluff, from Late Latin burra, a shaggy garment.]
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1. (Dancing) a traditional French dance in fast duple time, resembling a gavotte
2. (Classical Music) a piece of music composed in the rhythm of this dance
[C18: from French bourrée a bundle of faggots (it was originally danced round a fire of faggots)]
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n., pl. -rées.
1. an old French and Spanish dance.
2. the music for it.
[1700–10; < French: literally, bundle of brushwood]
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A series of small even staccato steps; the pas de bourrée involves three transfers of weight from foot to foot and has over 20 different variations.
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Bourree de technologies issues du sport automobile, la nouvelle supercar fusionne agreablement performances et art de vivre, tout en procurant le sentiment de liberte grace a la conduite a ciel ouvert.
"Practicing transitions, paying attention to your tombe pas de bourree as much as the turn and the preps into jumps can make you look elegant and lengthened," says Cirio.
The suite features a variety of styles, and alternates the movements (Czech Dance, Lament, March, Berceuse, and Bourree) in a fastslow-fast-slow-fast tempo structure.
"We think all women and mums deserve a day off and what better way to spend it than at the pool with fellow women," said Carole Bourree, the hotel's communication manager.
1 in C; Passepied;" "Bourree Brandenburg Concerto No 1 in F;" "Partita in B; Menuetto, Trio, Polacca, Duo Echo;" "Little" Fugue in G; "Suite in B minor: Badinerie Invention;" and "Suite No.
Pour la musique classique, Ratner a enonce une liste des topiques comme suit: << Types de danse: menuet, passe-pied, sarabande, allemande, polonaise, bourree, contre-danse, gavotte, siciliano, gigue; Marches; Differents styles: alla breve, alla zoppa, amoroso, aria, style brillant (style virtuose), cadenza, Empfindsamkeit (sensibilite), fanfare, ouverture francaise, chasse, style savant, ombra, fusee de Mannheim, musette, opera buffa, pastoral, recitativo, motif de soupir, singing style (style melodique), Sturm und Drang, alla turca >> (Ratner, cite dans Grabocz, 2009: 23).
Il existait plusieurs sortes de ballons, de tailles et de contenus differents : la follis, remplie d'air, la paganica, remplie de plume, ou la pila, bourree de crins.
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[beaucoup moins que] Il y a eu une forte explosion provoquee par l'attaque-suicide d'une voiture bourree d'explosifs qui a percute un camion militaire le long d'une route dans la zone industrielle, et plusieurs militaires ont ete tues dont un grade de haut rang [beaucoup plus grand que], a declare Abdiaziz Mohamed, un responsable de la securite.