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 (bo͞o′strə-fēd′n, -fē′dŏn′)
An ancient method of writing in which the lines are inscribed alternately from right to left and from left to right.

[From Greek boustrophēdon, turning like an ox while plowing : bous, ox; see gwou- in Indo-European roots + strophē, a turning (from strephein, to turn; see streb(h)- in Indo-European roots).]

bou·stroph′e·don′ic (-strŏf′ĭ-dŏn′ĭk) adj.


(ˌbuːstrəˈfiːdən; ˌbaʊ-)
(Literary & Literary Critical Terms) having alternate lines written from right to left and from left to right
[C17: from Greek, literally: turning as in ploughing with oxen, from bous ox + -strophēdon from strephein to turn; see strophe]


(ˌbu strəˈfid n, -ˈfi dɒn, ˌbaʊ-)

a method of writing in which the lines run alternately from right to left and from left to right.
[1775–85; < Greek boustrophēdón literally, like ox-turning (in plowing) =boûs ox + -strophē (see strophe)]
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Noun1.boustrophedon - an ancient writing system: having alternate lines written in opposite directions; literally `as the ox ploughs'
orthography, writing system - a method of representing the sounds of a language by written or printed symbols
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Cite to me the virtues of the vertical boustrophedon, the treasures of the number ziruph and those of the number zephirod
Autonomous underwater vehicle missions were of standard boustrophedon, or "lawnmower," design, composed of 10 parallel north to south lines of 750 m in length spaced apart by 2 m in a manner consistent with previous AUV-based scallop studies (Walker et al.
The survey design that we used most often comprised a series of parallel boustrophedon lines, commonly known as a "lawn mower" pattern.
Os nomes sao inscritos progressivos, retrogrados ou em boustrophedon.
In our study, we used the boustrophedon decomposition method (4).