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A knoblike enlargement at the end of an axon, where it forms a synapse with other neurons.

[French, button, from Old French; see button.]
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the enlarged part of a nerve fibre or cell which facilitates contact between nerves
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Upon her head boards, in large gilt letters, he read Bouton de Rose, --Rose-button, or Rose-bud; and this was the romantic name of this aromatic ship.
Bouton part of the inscription, yet the word rose, and the bulbous figure-head put together, sufficiently explained the whole to him.
Then the house had been boldly planned with a ball-room, so that, instead of squeezing through a narrow passage to get to it (as at the Chiverses') one marched solemnly down a vista of enfiladed drawing- rooms (the sea-green, the crimson and the bouton d'or), seeing from afar the many-candled lustres reflected in the polished parquetry, and beyond that the depths of a conservatory where camellias and tree-ferns arched their costly foliage over seats of black and gold bamboo.
Jim Bouton died on the same July day that the Atlantic League conducted professional baseball's first game-long experiment with robot umpires, the latter an event that might be likened to Richard Pryor's introduction to freebasing cocaine, or John Bolton's first dorm-room game of Risk.
I was scheduled in as the opening act for the keynote speaker, Jim Bouton, who had written "Ball Four," a "kiss-and-tell" memoir that became one of the most controversial and widely read books in baseball history.
Harter Secrest & Emery LLP announces the hiring of Michelle Bouton as counsel in the securities and capital markets practice.
Le systeme MMI sur la console centrale fait le choix de la simplicite et ne comporte que six boutons. La version haut de gamme, le systeme MMI navigation plus avec MMI touch, integre sur le haut du bouton poussoir rotatif un pave tactile qui reconnait les ecritures manuscrites et permet de zoomer, par exemple.
Daniel Bouton, MBA, director of community health services at Community Council of Greater Dallas, which provides navigator services to 19 Texas counties, reported a surprise cut of nearly 14 percent in federal funds.
To test this hypothesis, Bouton and co-author Scott T.
Muscle 4 NMJs in APP and APP+BACE lines demonstrated a significant (P <0.01) increase in the number of both 1b and satellite boutons per NMJ compared to the control; accordingly, total bouton number per NMJ also increased (Table 1).