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also bou·ton·nière  (bo͞o′tə-nîr′, -tən-yâr′)
A flower or small bunch of flowers worn in a buttonhole.

[French boutonnière, from Old French, buttonhole, from bouton, button; see button.]


(Clothing & Fashion) another name for buttonhole2
[C19: from French: buttonhole, from bouton button]


(ˌbut nˈɪər, ˌbu tənˈyɛər)

a flower worn in the buttonhole of a lapel.
[1875–80; < French boutonnière buttonhole]
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Noun1.boutonniere - a flower that is worn in a buttonholeboutonniere - a flower that is worn in a buttonhole
adornment - a decoration of color or interest that is added to relieve plainness
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Her date-only identified as Nigel-gave her a bouquet of white tulips, while she pinned on him a matching boutonniere.
A white orchid corsage was presented to the hostess and a carnation boutonniere to the host.
In a little bit of reverse-Cinderella, the clock strikes and he goes running, only leaving his boutonniere behind.
Author Jason Mitchell Kahn offers professional tips and tricks from the field due in part to years of experience under his boutonniere.
Matched with the cropped, white tuxedo and red boutonniere, this look perfectly mixes heritage and modernity.
He wore a sporran and a boutonniere of thistles and cream roses.
Cardiff Bridal Centre wanted to donated a PS185 new dress from their collection and Forbes Field florist wanted to provide Lavinia and Daniel with a bouquet to walk down the aisle with and a boutonniere for Daniel.
A traditional Maldivian Boduberu band accompanies the couple to the podium, where a fresh flower bouquet and a boutonniere will be placed followed by ceremony and the wedding cake.
This modern reinvention of the classic boutonniere is a subtle way to add a touch of flair to his look.
Boutonniere deformity of the fingers was present along with ulnar drift.
In terms of the piano key sign, boutonniere deformity, and number of fingers with this deformity, the right hand had significantly higher figures than the left (p=0.
All couples receive access to a certified wedding planner, and each ceremony includes a justice of the peace or non-denominational minister to perform the ceremony, sparkling wine for a wedding toast, and a complimentary bridal bouquet and boutonniere for the groom, as well as turndown service the night of the wedding.