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also bou·ton·nière  (bo͞o′tə-nîr′, -tən-yâr′)
A flower or small bunch of flowers worn in a buttonhole.

[French boutonnière, from Old French, buttonhole, from bouton, button; see button.]
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(Clothing & Fashion) another name for buttonhole2
[C19: from French: buttonhole, from bouton button]
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(ˌbut nˈɪər, ˌbu tənˈyɛər)

a flower worn in the buttonhole of a lapel.
[1875–80; < French boutonnière buttonhole]
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Noun1.boutonniere - a flower that is worn in a buttonholeboutonniere - a flower that is worn in a buttonhole
adornment - a decoration of color or interest that is added to relieve plainness
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It could also be matched to the colour of the lapel hole in the coat where the flower or boutonniere is placed.
On the day of the actual wedding, the couples are given their own bridal bouquet and boutonniere, cord, veil and arrhae.
Bell also got the full prom date effect - receiving a corsage from Hackett and giving him a boutonniere.
Elsewhere on the Flat, Beverley provides the turf option and an opportunity for Boutonniere to strike on handicap debut.
The men's tailor-made tuxedo jackets can also include specialized features and patterns like box pleated pockets, satin facing lapels, notch lapels, semi spread collars, slash or vertical pockets, cuffs with boutonniere, bold stripes, tonal stripes, tone on tone framed stripes, banker's stripes, subtle tone on tone glistening stripes, pinstripes on herringbone, and many other options.
With flower arches, bouquets and Liam's boutonniere of white anemone, it looked like it would've cost an arm and a leg.
In another picture, Miley can be seen wearing an off-the-shoulder white dress, while Hemsworth is dressed in a traditional tux with a boutonniere pinned to his jacket's lapel.
The common sports-related deformities in hands usually include Gamekeeper's thumb (Skier's thumb), Stener lesion, boutonniere deformity, mallet finger, and jersey finger.
Boutonniere: This is a type of label pin that is made from live flowers, it is best suited for special events such as weddings, a boutonniere should be worn through the lapel hole that is on the right side of the chest.
In a little bit of reverse-Cinderella, the clock strikes and he goes running, only leaving his boutonniere behind.
The old Hollywood, slicked-back hairstyle is very "La La Land." Matched with the cropped, white tuxedo and red boutonniere, this look perfectly mixes heritage and modernity.
He wore a sporran and a boutonniere of thistles and cream roses.