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n.1.An acidulated fermented drink of the Arabs and Egyptians, made from millet seed and various astringent substances; also, an intoxicating beverage made from hemp seed, darnel meal, and water.
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Sixteen area breweries have paired off to create eight beers, from Falling Sky and Alesong's Finland Sahti, to McMenamins High Street and Manifest Brewing's Bouza Ancient Egyptian Beer.
Ana Fernandez-Cruz, [1] Mi Kwon, [1] Jesus Guinea, Pilar Escribano, Maria del Carmen Martinez Jimenez, Ana Pulido, Veronica Parra, David Serrano, Jorge Gayoso, Jose Luis Diez Martin, Emilio Bouza
Agade Re gion : Arlit and Tchirozrine; - Diffa Re gion : Diffa, Main Soroa, and Nguigmi; - Dosso Re gion: Gaya, Doutchi, Loga, Tibiri, Kor Mairoua, Guchm, Doumga, Matankari, Kich, Lido, Mokko and Kiota; - Maradi Re gion : Madarounfa, Tesssaoua, Mayahi, Guidan Roumdji, Agui , Dakoro, Dan Issa, Tchadaoua, Gazaoua, Kanembakach, Tibiri, Jirataoua, Sa Saboua, and Angoual Mata; - Tahoua Region : Abalak, Illla, Bouza, Madaoua, Konni, Malbaza, Keita, Guidan Iddar, Galmi, Tsernaoua, Badaguichiri, Tounfafi, Tamask and Founkoye ; - Till abry Re gion : Filingu, Tra, Torodi, Kollo, Say, Sakoira, Lossa, Gothye, Hamdallaye, Ndounga and Karma ; and - Zinder Re gion: Mirriah, Magaria, Matameye, Tanout, Kantch, Droum, Takieta, Maimoujia, Sassoumbroum, Dantchiao, Tirmini, Band and Gogo.
En efecto, gracias a Fernando Bouza y Carolina Blutrach en la vertiente mas historica, Julian Viejo Yharrassarry en la lectura ideologica y J.
The terrorists have targeted the Aleppo city with missiles which contain prohibited cluster bombs in residential areas, including al-Wahda University, al-Maridian district in the Southern parts of Issa hospital, Bouza al-Shafi and Forqan district which killed 50 people and injured 250 others," Kamal al-Jolfa, also a military analyst, told FNA.
Frans Blom (Universidad de Amsterdam) ilustro el gran potencial de ONSTAGE analizando la afluencia de obras espanolas en el Amsterdam del siglo XVII, momento en que Lope de Vega se convirtio en el dramaturgo mas popular por encima incluso de los grandes poetas neerlandeses, La presentacion del volumen Claves de la Leyenda Negra tambien nos ayudara a continuar con nuestras investigaciones al incluir articulos de referencia de conocedores como Eric Griffin o Fernando Bouza.
On its way to achieving this goal, the gallery has so far hosted solo exhibitions by artists Feny Bouza, Maria Trillidou and Klitsa Antoniou, and also group exhibitions.
Moderated by Lubna Bouza, senior economic presenter at CNBC Arabia, the debate hosted prominent financial experts and senior executive officers and directors from leading financial institutions, including banks, capital markets, and wealth management and reinsurance companies.
The Pumas' line-out coach Pablo Bouza said: "It's going to be very nice to play in the World Cup at Wembley, the first match of our World Cup and playing the best team in the world for the last four years.
Lo que esta pasando en Espana lo veremos en esta ocasion a traves de la optica de Fermin Bouza Alvarez, doctor en sociologia de la Universidad Complutense de Madrid en Espana, destacado academico y prolifico escritor.
The political landscape in Spain is currently undergoing massive and rapid changes than any other time in the history of the country's democratic life, Professor of Sociology at Complutense University of Madrid Fermin Bouza Alvarez said in an interview with KUNA Saturday.