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 (bo͝o-zo͞o′kē, bə-)
n. pl. bou·zou·kis
A Greek stringed instrument having a long fretted neck and usually pear-shaped body.

[Modern Greek mpouzoúki, from Turkish bozuk (saz), a kind of saz (literally, "broken saz"), from bozuk, broken (probably in reference to bozuk düzen, broken tuning, a kind of reentrant tuning often used on the saz and bouzouki); akin to Old Turkic buzuk, destroyed, spoiled, from buzmaq, to destroy, spoil.]


(Instruments) a Greek long-necked stringed musical instrument related to the mandolin
[C20: from Modern Greek mpouzouki, perhaps from Turkish büjük large]


(bʊˈzu ki)

n., pl. -kis.
a long-necked, fretted lute of modern Greece.
[1950–55; < Modern Greek mpouzoúki, of uncertain orig.]
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Traditionally used for dancing and entertainment at social gatherings, the Bouzouki has since gained a wider audience and has become the major popular music instrument of Greece and has even been played in a variety of musical genres throughout the world, including jazz, rock and folk music.
Steeleye follow Dodgy B***s up with a UK tour which sees them introduce a new seven-piece line-up, with Roger Carey joining on bass and Benji Folk rockers Steeleye Span Kirkpatrick adding bouzouki, acoustic guitar and vocals.
These songs will take form with the help of Chrysostomos Kelis on guitar and the bouzouki.
Comprising Benji on bouzouki and guitar, fellow Bellowhead bandmate Pete Flood on drums, and Pete Thomas on double and electric bass.
Fairport's line up for this year's tour is founder member Simon Nicol on guitars and vocal, Dave Pegg (who joined in 1969) on bass, mandoline and vocals, Ric Sanders on violin, multi-instrumentalist Chris Leslie on vocals, violin, mandoline, bouzouki, whistles and harmonica and Gerry Conway on drums and percussion.
Saturday, March 5, sees Alasdair Roberts on stage with his own brand of Scottish folk, and on Sunday, March 6, North Sea Gas, one of Scotland's best known folk bands brings vocal harmonies and a wide range of instruments to the venue - from mandolin and banjo to bodhrams and bouzouki.
We will simultaneously have authentic Arabic music and contemporary world music such as Violin and Turkish Bouzouki, Zither and Oud and Balkan countries music, Jazz music and Saxophone, besides, the fast rhythms of Samba music and piano.
Marking 45 years since Jimi Hendrix's untimely death, Benji's show will see him play classic songs by the guitar hero, adapting them for bouzouki, banjo and mandolin.
Farandouri and her band will be joined on the stage by bouzouki player Alexandros Karozas as a special guest in Sunday's concert, whose program will also feature songs by Eleni Karaindrou and 20th-century songwriters Manos Hatzidakis and Vassilis Tsitsanis.
Knowles is one of Ireland's top fiddlers as well as a composer and arranger, Boarders is a world-class bouzouki player and singer, and O'Hare is a player and prominent proponent of the uilleann piping tradition.
Also featuring Simon Nicol (guitar and lead vocals), Chris Leslie (fiddle, mandolin, bouzouki and lead vocals) and Gerry Conway (drums and percussion) the band has seen more than a few line-up changes over the years, but the change in personnel has contributed to both its longevity and success.
The evening started with a traditional piece, followed by a fired-up, triple bouzouki up-beat Macedonian tune in a strange time signature.