bovine growth hormone

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bovine growth hormone

n. Abbr. BGH or bGH
A hormone of cattle that regulates growth and milk production. A recombinant form (rBGH) produced by genetic engineering is administered to cows to increase milk production. Also called bovine somatotropin.
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bo′vine growth′ hor`mone

a growth hormone of cattle, harvested from genetically engineered bacteria for administering to cows to increase milk production. Abbr.: bGH
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The companies argue that bovine growth hormone poses no health threat.
Antigenic structure of bovine growth hormone: Location of a growth enhancing region.
Two American journalists who risked their careers to expose the dangers of rBGH (recombinant bovine growth hormone), a Rwandan who fought to save mountain gorillas amidst his country's genocidal wars, and a Bolivian worker who won the world's first major victory in the struggle over privatizing public water, are winners of the 12th annual Goldman Environmental Prize.
American farmers regularly administer recombinant Bovine Growth Hormone (rBGH) to three million cows.
[On December 15, 1998, the Center for Food Safety (a project of the International Center for Technology Assessment) and 20 co-petitioning groups submitted a Citizen Petition before the United States Food and Drug Administration, entitled "Petition Seeking the Withdrawal of the New Animal Drug Application Approval for Posilac[R]--recombinant Bovine Growth Hormone (rBGH)." The article below is excerpts from the petition.
In its first published evaluation of one of the most controversial animal drugs of the decade, the Food and Drug Administration has declared that dairy milk produced with the help of recombinant bovine growth hormone (BGH) is as safe to drink as the old-fashioned variety.
A controversial Health Canada drug evaluator, who has been a key figure in exposing the pressure on Health Canada evaluators to approve drugs of questionable safety, including bovine growth hormone, has been suspended without pay for speaking at an employment equity meeting.
Kopchick and Chen started with the gene that codes for bovine growth hormone and altered a sequence of its DNA that they hoped would affect growth regulation.
The doubt is due to a genetically engineered drug called rBGH, or bovine growth hormone. Administered to an estimated 30 percent of conventional dairy cows, the hormone has been shown to increase milk production by up to 15 percent.
It contains an introduction to a variety of food and industrialized agriculture issues: from bovine growth hormone to avoiding salmonella and finding safe meat; from money saving tips to offset the cost of organic produce to how your choice of cooking utensils can save time and fuel.
Use of the microbially produced bovine growth hormone appears to be commercially feasible, but some argue that increased milk production is not economically desirable in the United States.

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