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1. Having an outward-curving front: a bowfront bureau.
2. Designed or constructed with a bow window in front: a bowfront house.


having a front that curves outwards


having a horizontally convex front, as a piece of furniture.
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Adj.1.bowfront - having an outward curving front; "a bowfront dresser"; "a bowfront house"
rounded - curving and somewhat round in shape rather than jagged; "low rounded hills"; "rounded shoulders"
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Aquatop's popular bowfront glass aquariums, which offer a panoramic view into the tank, will soon be available in a new Pisces series of All-in-one Nano Aquariums.
Black is back, in a sexy bowfront chest at Wisteria, on walls (Noir is Pratt & Lambert's color of the year) and in Pottery Barn's new Stinson bedroom furniture with curly, barley-twist details.
At the top end of the market are designs such as the Georgian bowfront barometer, one of the most desirable forms developed during the 18th century.