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A baleen whale (Balaena mysticetus) of Arctic seas, having a large head, an arched upper jaw, and no dorsal fin.


(Animals) a large-mouthed arctic whale, Balaena mysticetus, that has become rare through overfishing but is now a protected species



a whalebone whale, Balaena mysticetus, of northern seas, having an enormous head and mouth.
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Noun1.bowhead - large-mouthed Arctic whalebowhead - large-mouthed Arctic whale    
baleen whale, whalebone whale - whale with plates of whalebone along the upper jaw for filtering plankton from the water
Balaena, genus Balaena - type genus of the Balaenidae: Greenland whales
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Room eight-seven, Clay street, the Bowhead Lodging House, you know the place, entrance just around the corner from the Bowhead Saloon.
Environmental groups have long opposed bowhead hunting in Alaska, pointing out that bowheads may become extinct if the hunting is allowed to continue.
He has studied gray whales in Baja California, watched great bowheads in Alaska and dived with humpbacks off the Hawaiian Islands.
Bowheads, like the closely related right whales, have enormous, bulldozer-like mouths and distinctively lack a dorsal fin.
Bowheads can live to 200 thanks to their ultra-slow metabolism.
Our study represents the first genetic analysis of bowheads across their entire range," said Elizabeth Alter, the study's lead author and now a professor at City University of New York.
What we do know is that bowheads sing, and that the songs they sing are likely part of a display to attract a mate.
With the help of scientists they uncover the secrets of the mammals' intimate lives, such as how they mate and hunt, and further reveal how arctic bowheads can live to be more than 200 years old.
Because natives are limited by international whaling conventions to traditional skin-covered, paddle-driven boats, they have little hope of catching up to the powerful Bowheads in the open sea.
Government and the IWC's Scientific Committee recommended a moratorium on the Eskimo harvest of B-C-B bowheads because of the high (and then increasing) strike rate, combined with imprecise estimates that the whale population was low.
Bowheads also are found in the Okhotsk Sea, North Atlantic, Davis Strait, and Hudson Bay, but none of these stocks numbers more than 100.