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Adj.1.bowl-shaped - having a concave shape with an open top like a bowl
concave - curving inward
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Fortunately a little rivulet trickled down the side of the rocky wall, giving us ample supply of fresh water--some of which I kept constantly beside the hyaenodon in a huge, bowl-shaped shell, of which there were count-less numbers among the rubble of the beach.
It was bowl-shaped and at the bottom, some hundreds of yards from where we lay, were pools of green-scummed, stagnant water, fringed with bullrushes.
Immediately beyond there was a bowl-shaped depression in the moor, and at the bottom of this was found the dead body of the unfortunate trainer.
There are many designs, from bowl-shaped, square or a traditional incinerator-style, so there is one to suit every style of garden.
The bowl-shaped structure is inspired by the narra, the Philippine national tree.
The first stage of the cable car transfers people from the Gulmarg resort at 2,600 meters (8,530 feet) to Kongdori station in the bowl-shaped Kongdori valley, according to the company which operates the cable car.
Scientists believe these structures, which consist of blade-like spires around the edge of bowl-shaped depressions, are formed due to sublimation of ice and erosion.
A 4-kilometer-high mountain dubbed Ahuna Mons, with its bowl-shaped summit and ridged flanks, has the appearance of a cryovolcano-one that erupts water instead of magma.
The 11-foot craft disappeared behind a bowl-shaped splash before bouncing buoyantly against safety netting.
And we also visit the bowl-shaped Votty and Bowydd quarries, knocked into a single quarry in 1870, and there are tales of gunpowder and buildings inside mines with roofs made of slate.
This popular semi-evergreen produces leathery dark green leaves and elegant white bowl-shaped flowers that brighten up shady spots.