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Adj.1.bowl-shaped - having a concave shape with an open top like a bowl
concave - curving inward
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It was bowl-shaped and at the bottom, some hundreds of yards from where we lay, were pools of green-scummed, stagnant water, fringed with bullrushes.
Immediately beyond there was a bowl-shaped depression in the moor, and at the bottom of this was found the dead body of the unfortunate trainer.
Fortunately a little rivulet trickled down the side of the rocky wall, giving us ample supply of fresh water--some of which I kept constantly beside the hyaenodon in a huge, bowl-shaped shell, of which there were count-less numbers among the rubble of the beach.
When the drought ended and the rains returned, these bowl-shaped neighborhoods began to flood.
The two near-complete bowls have rounded bases, carefully formed rims and decorated fittings with rings for hanging them up and the strainer has a rounded bowl-shaped body with a wide, flat rim and a similar suspension ring.
They were bowl-shaped, orange blobs, with a glow of light around them.
The site features a bowl-shaped area to represent the site where the bomb fell, a stone monument designed by artist Michael Sheuermann and 19 slates to represent the people who died in October 1940.
1 Select a bowl-shaped container at least 18 inches wide and 8 to 10 inches deep.
When large asteroids hit the ground, they produce high temperatures and pressures, carving out bowl-shaped features called craters.
Styles include Ming Dynasty, a blue-and-white-patterned porcelain bowl-shaped sink featuring flowers, serpents and birds.
This "water park" is located in a bowl-shaped valley surrounded by glaciers.
Over the years, the bowl-shaped city had sunk, and surrounding marshes had eroded considerably.