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I've had such a lovely walk in the May twilight; I stopped by the barrens and picked these Mayflowers; I came through Violet-Vale; it's just a big bowlful of violets now -- the dear, sky-tinted things.
She gave me a large bowlful, of which I drank very heartily, and found myself well refreshed.
To-day, even, to Pollyanna's huge delight, she had said that she was glad Pollyanna brought calf's-foot jelly, because that was just what she had been wanting--she did not know that Milly, at the front door, had told Pollyanna that the minister's wife had already that day sent over a great bowlful of that same kind of jelly.
Each bowlful gets topped with a helping of basil pesto, which seals the deal, summerwise.
KELLOGG'S British-based manufacturing arm paid a big bowlful of nothing in UK corporation tax last year - despite profits soaring.
Try a bowlful of laksa and chilli crabs in Singapore.
This has come about because some people in the countryside traditionally sawed off the antlers of live animals and drank a bowlful of blood, believing it was good for their health.
That is, for a price: at Dh35 for a bowlful of fries, it is a bit expensive.
Enjoy it by the bowlful, or spooned over pork chops.
Each bite was like digging into a bowlful of fresh fruits.
FOR the ultimate I'm-a-Celebrity challenge, a bowlful of goggle-eyed Giant Waterbugs lies in wait for the bravest of showgoers.