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Noun1.Bowline knot - a loop knot that neither slips nor jamsbowline knot - a loop knot that neither slips nor jams
loop knot - any of various knots used to make a fixed loop in a rope
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Amid renewed growling and another futile attempt to free himself, Numa was finally forced to submit to the further indignity of having a rope secured about his neck; but this time it was no noose that might tighten and strangle him; but a bowline knot, which does not tighten or slip under strain.
Carmarthenshire-based Andrew Rowe has created many iconic metal features including the Carmarthen Oak, Pontypridd town-centre seating, the Kitetail at Aberavon Beach and Bowline Knot in Cardiff Bay.
If you don't already know how to quickly fashion the appropriate slipknot used for tying horses, get an equine-savvy friend to teach you--in the meantime use a bowline knot.
Enzo is a drunk (and an occasional drug user) who pontificates while urinating into crowds and refers to every woman he knows, including his mother, as "Susan." His poor attitudes and behaviors started early on, when as a Boy Scout he was the proverbial bad seed, the one who "led three other scouts to destroy the bowline knot that was tied to a self-made latrine post, forcing unsuspecting friends to fall into a pit of their own feces." That he later found a brief leadership role within the troop seems rather undeserved, but it's indicative of his ability to manipulate others.
Complete the system by clipping the line and float to the anchor line through pre-tied or spliced loops, or fasten it directly to the anchor line with a bowline knot.
Experts said he had probably used a bowline knot rather than a figure of eight, which was more likely to slip unless a stopper knot was tied, the inquest heard.
I tied a loose bowline knot around pole #2 with the box secured on top and pulled it all up vertical next to pole #11 had stuck in the barrel.
After the throw fasten the end of the heaving line to the bight of the cable of Manila with a bowline knot (see sketch).