bowling equipment

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Noun1.bowling equipment - equipment used in bowlingbowling equipment - equipment used in bowling    
skittle alley, alley, bowling alley - a lane down which a bowling ball is rolled toward pins
bowling ball, bowl - a large ball with finger holes used in the sport of bowling
bowling pin, pin - a club-shaped wooden object used in bowling; set up in triangular groups of ten as the target
bowling shoe - a special shoe worn when bowling
game equipment - equipment or apparatus used in playing a game
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Inco Mechel offers capital equipment for the sports & leisure, like Ten Pin Bowling Equipment, Snooker/Billiards & Pool Tables, Jet Water Crafts & Boats, Ice Skating Rinks, Snow-making Equipment, Paintball Equipment, etc.
This lack of increased sales is more than likely due to the fact that most bowling centers continue to rent bowling equipment (i.
SM Seaside City Cebu also has a 16-lane bowling center, which features popular bowling equipment brands and the latest technology.
Club spokesman Maurice Hart said: "Any money we receive from this year's Wish Sport campaign will be used to purchase new bowling equipment such as bowl pushers, mats and jacks.
Switch Middle East will showcase the best in top of the line, stylish bowling equipment for the modern world at the DEAL show.
1,000 for bowling equipment to the Northampton District Bowling Club
Rear car windscreen smashed then raider reached into vehicle and made a selective search stealing bowling equipment.
Now members who run three teams from the venue face shelling out for replacement bowling equipment and repairs to the surface.
The combination of the above issues, in conjunction with the cut-throat competition within the bowling equipment industry, placed Baker in a position to make a critical decision about the future of his company.
To purchase carpet bowling equipment, offering new opportunities for recreation and fitness for up to 50 seniors in Quinte West.
THIEVES helped themselves to ten-pin bowling equipment from a car in Nuneaton.